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Not Your Little Lady (@notyourlittlelady) Instagram Profile Photo

Not Your Little Lady

What impact do the new abortion bills have on patients’ relationship with their doctors? Listen to Ep. 58 - About Those Abortion Bills to learn more. #womensreproductiverights

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Amy Speace

Without further ado, Ginger Ale and Lorna Doones, out TODAY! It’s so hard to write a message song, a political song, without coming off as didactic. But the personal is the political and one thing I’ve learned from writing songs with the program Songwriting With Soldiers, is that you can’t write about the entire war. You can only write about the soldier. Tackling this subject was daunting, but I tried to just write about the woman, what she sees and tastes and feels. To humanize an extremely divisive issue. You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify, iTunes, and anywhere else you steam music, and you can order the new record, out in just TWO WEEKS, here today: #womensreproductiverights

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Digital Light & Magic

Protect Roe vs Wade - This isn’t what women’s reproductive rights should look like. A woman’s body, a woman’s choice. . . Model: @buhh.lockk.ayee . . #womensreproductiverights

Jenna Plodzik (@jplodddz) Instagram Profile Photo

Jenna Plodzik

The clock has officially set back 60 years. In order for Planned Parenthood to continue to receive funding, they would have had to follow the “gag rule”. This means: Making it illegal for their providers to give patients information on how and where to get SAFE abortions, preventing patients from getting full and ACCURATE information about their care, and adding new restrictions to block “certain” patients. . . Planned Parenthood has been cut from funding because they refused to participate in the unethical treatment of patients. . . This will puts health care at risk for 4 MILLION PATIENTS. . . PSA: Defunding this does NOT define abortions. It defunds access to cancer screenings, STD screenings, birth control, emergency contraceptives, patient care & general counseling. . . Take a stand . . #womensreproductiverights

Women's March WV (@womensmarchwv) Instagram Profile Photo

Women's March WV

Do you live in the Eastern Panhandle and care about reproductive rights?! Then check out this event, happening in Shepherdstown next month! . . . . . #WomensReproductiveRights

Ashley Rollins (@swiftwellness) Instagram Profile Photo

Ashley Rollins

Austin, Texas

Today on the blog, we’re talking about women’s health & the search for a more transparent feminine product! Do you REALLY know what’s in your tampon? Flip the box over - it might not be as clear as you think! But one brand is rallying to advocate not just for women’s health, but the environment, too! I’m so excited to partner with @organicinitiative on this project and they wanted to share the love with you! If you’ve been wanting to try organic cotton products, but haven’t yet, here’s how you can get your own for FREE: . ✧Follow @swiftwellness and @organicinitiative ✧Like this post ✧Comment below and tag one friend who you think should make the switch to organic! . There’s also a bonus way to enter and win in today’s post, so head over to to read the full post and see how to gain an EXTRA entry! The winner will be announced Friday at 12pm CST! . 📸: @laurieadallephotography

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