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Juan Lomba López             🦖 (@juan.lomba) Instagram Profile Photo

Juan Lomba López 🦖

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Nirmalkumar V L

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Sonia Machado

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Marta Moralewicz

Demi, I want to use your special day to say a gargantuan thank you and let you know that my love for you will never end and i alway stand for your side. You have always been my pillar of support and inspiration. You're the best warrior and person I've ever seen! Happy birthday, Queen! ❤💝🎉👑 . . . . #wishes

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. 8 August 2019 . I wish all of everyone’s wishes will come true⭐️🎋✨ . 去年短冊に書いた願いが叶って友達が病気から回復したから、今年は自分のお願いごとを短冊に書いたよ🎋🌼 . 1番の願いが叶いますように🙏🏻✨💕 . . #wishes .

Mishy's Intuitive Tarot (@mishys_intuitive_tarot) Instagram Profile Photo

Mishy's Intuitive Tarot

Newcastle, New South Wales

Tuesday sees Judgement & the Nine of Cups coming out this morning. Karma, karma, karma, the energy around your own karma is quite high today. Key words are karma, judgement, wishes & hopes. With Judgement trumping I feel this is a sign that there are eyes on you right now, your intuition may already sense them but if they don’t this is your heads up, and will be around something you have been hoping for. What I’m getting is a second chance to redo something & getting a repeat opportunity around someone or something related to the past & your own karma. Feel like this will be around a main focus & something that has been in your thoughts of late. Past emotional issues or niggling health issues could resurface today. For some a small wish could come true which is related to your past is looking promising. Lastly with Judgement being a big focus today, the actions you make or take today will become your future karma, so keep that in the back of your mind throughout the day. Hope you all have a great day. If you would like a personal reading please DM me for availability & pricing. If you ❤️ my daily posts and would like to make an appreciation donation you can via PayPal with my email All are appreciated and help me to be able to do this and give back. es

Geт_yoυr_мιɴd_rιɢнт  ™️ 🔌 (@quotes_facts_1) Instagram Profile Photo

Geт_yoυr_мιɴd_rιɢнт ™️ 🔌

Power of Positivity

MR. Bean taught me one thing in life. Enjoy your own company instead of expecting someone else to make you happy 📍 @quotes_facts_1 🖤❤️ . . . آقا_بین یک چیز در زندگی به ما یاد داد. به جای اینکه انتظار داشته باشید شخص دیگری شما را خوشحال کند ، خودتان بدنبال چیز هایی که خوشحالتان می‌کند بروید @ quotes_facts_1 . . . #wishes

✨ Officiante de cérémonies laïques/ cérémonies d’engagements ✨ Être officiante c’est tout d’abord une rencontre, et un feeling avec nos futurs mariés. Puis des questions, des échanges, du partage, des rires et des souvenirs pour l’élaboration de la cérémonie avec vous ! . . . #wishes

When dreams come true 🦄🦄🦄 My little girl has wished on every eyelash, fairy, brightest star, blowing out of candles to ride a unicorn, for over 6 months. Today her dream came true, her little face was a picture!!! Happy 5th birthday our wonderful Elodie Grace xxx #wishes

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Make-A-Wish Georgia

One wish for a Millennium Falcon Playhouse + one amazing community partner = one happy lil Jedi named Brennan 🖤🌟 . . . es

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