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Sport Performance & Fitness 🏋 (@matija_juresa77) Instagram Profile Photo

Sport Performance & Fitness 🏋

Carlos Andica (@carlosandica) Instagram Profile Photo

Carlos Andica

Weightlifting Instructions (@sportsedtv_weightlifting) Instagram Profile Photo

Weightlifting Instructions

Melody Andréani (@melody2a) Instagram Profile Photo

Melody Andréani

Juan Pablo Martinez Arias (@pablomartinez9) Instagram Profile Photo

Juan Pablo Martinez Arias

Abhijit Patel (@thepatelsusa) Instagram Profile Photo

Abhijit Patel

Toda honra e toda Glória ☝🏽 (@ignacioprocoach) Instagram Profile Photo

Toda honra e toda Glória ☝🏽

Pablo Pereira 👓 ⚪🔵⚪♐🎮 (@_p_apl) Instagram Profile Photo

Pablo Pereira 👓 ⚪🔵⚪♐🎮

Leonardo Casado (@lcasadotol) Instagram Profile Photo

Leonardo Casado

Danny Zheng (@edgelordlife) Instagram Profile Photo

Danny Zheng

Efrain Urueta 🇻🇪 (@efrainu) Instagram Profile Photo

Efrain Urueta 🇻🇪

CrossFit Mountain's Edge (@cfmountainsedge) Instagram Profile Photo

CrossFit Mountain's Edge

Sebastian Candela (@sebastiancandela) Instagram Profile Photo

Sebastian Candela

Caoba Fitness

Some time at my favorite bar... 🏋🏽‍♂️ @jairo.rubio.b @sdoylere suave!! #weightlifting

Well these were weird 😅 @poweredbytheminifridge #weightlifting

Lightning Fitness

After working overnight and only getting ~3 hours of sleep this morning, I decided I still wanted to try for a birthday PR... While I didn’t get it, I’m proud to finally have attempted 200lbs, and happy that I didn’t get stuck in the hole! Thanks @manis_and_muscles for the video, @yourfitnessjourney360 for the spot, and @instalessjake50 for the support! I’ll get it next time 😁 . . #weightlifting

Randy Sloan - Interior Design (@randysloan_interiors) Instagram Profile Photo

Randy Sloan - Interior Design

Portland, Oregon

Progress report! Today marks the completion of my first cycle and I am pumped to report I’m down a solid 10 pounds and counting! 💪🏻 The combination of healthy eating, hard work in the gym and Arbonne’s Protein Powder, Full Control and Metabolism Support, is really starting to pay off. Thank you @cathyepperson for your belief and for introducing me to the Arbonne supplement lineup. Can’t wait to see what can be achieved in month two!! 🏋🏻‍♀️🔥 #weightlifting

Fitness Connection

One way to improve your deadlift is through the use of a chair, box or bench. Using this you can disect the lift into 2 areas. The hardest part is off the ground then the drive hips forward. This is even a big glute developer. You can even just practice the first part of the lift if that is your weak point and grow strong and fast. Apologies if I'm not making sense I haven't been asleep in a while . #weightlifting

CrossFit Unknown Element (@cf_unknownelement) Instagram Profile Photo

CrossFit Unknown Element

Burpees. Sweat. First class. Welcome photos 😆 ​. ​We love our athletes and celebrate them becoming a part of the CFUE family! ​. ​ #weightlifting

Caean Couto (@caeanpl) Instagram Profile Photo

Caean Couto

Magnuson Athletic Club

315x1 Slingshot PR Trained all in slingshot today to give my shoulders a bit of a rest. Finished up with front delt raises and bandbell training. Deloading now.

The Armory (@thearmorync) Instagram Profile Photo

The Armory

Snohomish, Washington

Thursday August 22, 2019... - Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 - - 8 min AMRAP 200m run 10 push ups -rest 2 minutes- 200m run 8 kB swings 88/53 - - Time to touch the deadlift tomorrow. Best. Day. Ever. Love deadlift day. We’ve had a lot of barbell work going on in the gym which is good but making sure you are in good positions is important. We have a high RPE tmw but I don’t want to see any sad backs! Fun little conditioning piece. These short runs are good practice at holding a higher pace. Have fun. #weightlifting

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