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Brittani Coury (@brittanicoury) Instagram Profile Photo

Brittani Coury

ᴉuuɐʌoᴉƃ ᴉlosuoƃɹoq (@en.gioy) Instagram Profile Photo

ᴉuuɐʌoᴉƃ ᴉlosuoƃɹoq

Americas Paralympic Committee (@paralympicsapc) Instagram Profile Photo

Americas Paralympic Committee

Bεɳ Ruβíno ✌🏼️ (@benrubino) Instagram Profile Photo

Bεɳ Ruβíno ✌🏼️

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Santiago Acevedo

Americas Paralympic Committee (@paralympicsapc) Instagram Profile Photo

Americas Paralympic Committee

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Aloha Travelers 👣 (@sandrine_arno) Instagram Profile Photo

Aloha Travelers 👣

The Offroad Journal (@the.offroad.journal) Instagram Profile Photo

The Offroad Journal

North Idaho State Fair

So many screws 😖.... Got started removing the roof paneling to gain access to any old insulation and all the wiring. Now we can do modifications without having excess stuff in the way. The @milwaukeetool m18 and m12 impacts made very quick and painless work removing all of the screws holding the panels up and the jobsite fan kept up nice and cool in today's heat. @combatflipflops are good for a lot of things but not so great when you drop a steel sheet on your foot 😭 #usa

adrian jason (@adrian_jason07) Instagram Profile Photo

adrian jason

Gadsden, Alabama

Heroism doesn’t always happen in a burst of glory. Sometimes small triumphs and large hearts change the course of history #usa

erisgoesto (@erisgoesto) Instagram Profile Photo


One of the most recognisable (and photographed) structures on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the TCL Chinese Theatre was built in 1926 and remains a sought after place for movie premieres today. The idea behind the Chinese palace-style theatre was to give audiences a sense of China, and features decorations like dragons and mythical lions on its facade. Rather ironic if you think about how in the early days of cinema, Asian roles were played by white people by having their eyes taped up to make them more slanty - and yet there was a building in Hollywood 'exoticising' the very culture they discriminated against. Still, the structure has interesting architecture, even if somewhat gaudy looking, and holds special cultural significance in the movie making industry. #usa

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