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Italy Tuscany

چشمه آبهای معدنی و طبیعی در ایتالیا 🇮🇹 #tuscany # سفر follow me 🙏

Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Viticulture Essential Edition from @jameystegmaier and the good folks at Stonemaier Games! Yes, another worker placement game. I have to tell you though....I don't know if Everdell kept the mechanics in my mind or what, but I seemed to have an easier go of it with Viticulture than I did with Everdell. As friend of the feed and bringer of the game @ohcalcutta pointed out, yes you have an easier go of shifting strategy in Everdell given the vast options available to you in the meadow. But call it a fear of Analysis Paralysis, call it whatever the boardgame equivalent of buyer's remorse is after you've made a choice, having one clear path (more or less) just worked for me. I don't know. So you're a winemaker in the fields of Tuscany. In the Spring, you make decisions about when your workers wake up (early means you can get first pick at possible bonuses for placing first, later offers up special treats like VP or an extra worker). Over the course of Summer, you place workers to plant grape varietals, host wine tours, entertain visitors etc. etc. In the Fall, you select visitor cards which offer up special abilities. Then comes the Winter. You can harvest grapes, bottle wines, fill orders, collect some good VP and Lira. Once a player gets to 20 VP (you add up as you go along), then you finish out the year. Most VP wins. In lieu od srinling wine, I stumbled upon grape seltzer made by @waterloosparkling and it was tastier than it had any business being. There were more than a few Olive Garden jokes made amongst the degenerates at the table. I enjoyed the game thoroughly. #tuscany

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Magdalena Falarz


Chyba chodzi o to, żeby odnaleźć swoje miejsce, takie szczególne, które współgra z Twoją duszą, z całym Tobą, i jeżeli już tam jesteś to za niczym innym nie tęsknisz, nie uciekasz... . . . . . . . . . #tuscany

Saturnia, Toscana, Italy

Despite not falling in love with this place like we thought we would (the smell, worms in the water and rocky ground in the pools hurting my sensitive feet 😅), it still is quite a sight! I can’t decide if I liked it best at sunrise when all you could hear was the cascading falls and watch the steam rise from the water, or later in the afternoon as we watched it filled with locals and tourists alike bathing in the summer sun. Medieval legend has it these springs were born in the exact point where Jupiter’s thunderbolt fell in a battle against Saturn ⚡️ The scars left behind were the portals to hell & that’s why there was steamy & smelly water rushing out

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Valpiana, Toscana, Italy

è felicissima di presentarVi una foto di 📷. 🏆🏆🏆 @fraottaviano 📌 luogo : Valpiana selezionata da : @amp73alessio . . ✔ SEGUI @lory_center_of_italy ✔TAGGA . 🔆AMMINISTRATORE @amp73alessio . . 🚫 no foto dal WEB 🚫 no foto rubate . . ♻per favore fai il repost, anche temporaneo♻ . . #tuscany

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