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Randy Haas

Just Remember, This Is The Thing You Let Get Elected! For The Love, Get Out and Vote In 2020! 😭 #TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist

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Gregory Shapiro

Ever watched Trump and wondered “WHAT is he thinking?” Allow me to translate. “Greg Shapiro: Trump Translator” (click the link in my bio) isawhitesupremacist

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Dr. Luis Carlos Rodriguez PhD

Posted @withrepost@polibeats_ 😂 I wish I could hear the sound of the dude crashing on the pole. Poor dog! @therealearthquake • • • • • • God works in mysterious ways 🧢🚦🤷🏾‍♂️ #trumpisawhitesupremacist

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Restore American Integrity Now

NBC News

From @nbcnews: Antifa supporters protested his inauguration, participated in the February 2017 University of California, Berkeley, demonstrations against alt-right speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, confronted alt-right supporters in Boston and most recently assaulted conservative journalist Andy Ngo during a clash with far-right activists in Portland, Oregon. At the end of July, Trump mused that perhaps antifa should be designated a terrorist organization, alongside groups like the vicious gang MS-13. — ... the debate over how to classify antifa has been percolating ever since the 2017 violent clash between right-wing and white supremacist marchers and antifa counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. — Rather than denounce white nationalists unequivocally, Trump condemned "hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides." Shortly after, Fox News concluded that antifa was a “domestic terrorist organization.” Following the attack on Ngo in July 2019, Republican Sens. Bill Cassidy and Ted Cruz introduced a bill designating antifa as a terrorist organization, prompting Trump’s tweet. — But determining whether antifa in 2019 is a terrorist group is difficult for at least three reasons: — First, the logistical reason; defining what constitutes a group is itself complex. When we think of terrorist groups, what usually comes to mind are highly organized entities that persist over time, have a more or less well-defined chain of command and exhibit stable leadership along with a hierarchical organizational structure. Antifa falls on the less structured side of this continuum. It is not a highly organized entity. It has not persisted over time. There is little evidence of a chain of command or a stable leadership structure. — Second, terrorism is a method, not a group or an individual. Many of the most prolific terrorist organizations — from the IRA to the Islamic State — have been strongly engaged in non-terrorist as well as terrorist activities. — And finally, most definitions of terrorism include the assumption that individuals are committing violent acts because of an underlying political motive. — #trumpisawhitesupremacist

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