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Cunegonde De Conrut

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Sustainable life & travel

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Polina Gurina ☀️ Saint-P. 💙🇷🇺

Krakenpapas Geburtstags-Cleanup, Teil 2. Nachdem wir einen ganzen Batzen Müll und auch viel Metallschrott gesammelt hatten, wurde der Standort gewechselt. In Mülheim ging es weiter ohne Kamerateam, dafür aber mit meinem Papa als Special Guest, der extra aus dem fernen Fulda anreiste, mitsammelte und danach den Grillmeister spielte. Danke nochmal an alle, die mir den Tag verschönert haben! 🐙 #trashtag

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The Air Foundation

This is beautiful 😍 . . Must read, every word! 🙌🏻 . . 🖊 • @carlaaajane

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Janell 🤓

Cape Kiwanda Beach

I found my first whole sand dollar! Then, I found my first GoPro! I also found several bottle caps, cigarette butts, one of those floating lantern things, a church key, and a weird pile of paper towels (I should really start wearing gloves 🤢). Imagine if every person visiting the coast packed out the trash they see 🤔 #trashtag

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Маленький экологист, помощник @irina.vegan! 💚💚💚 Настолько рьяный, что несет макулатуру даже в зубах! 😂 Многие говорят, что пришли к РСО и задумались об экологии благодаря детям! И это радует, ведь именно им продолжать жить на нашей прекрасной планете. А ваши дети говорят вам о необходимости разделять отходы??? #trashtag

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Ben Activist

Being that Chinese lanterns are commonly used for celebrations, in ancient china they were used as a war signal. . In making a lantern they can be made from rice paper, string, a frame made from either bamboo or wire, and either use a candle or a fuel cell. . Biodegradable lanterns are misleading, the rice paper only takes a few days to biodegrade with the help from rain. The bamboo and string can take up to a year to fully degrade, with extended period of time poses a threat to wildlife. . Releasing a lit lantern could cause harm to flying wildlife, with a malfunction of the product could cause a fire wherever it may land, being a house fire: 15 people were severely injured in India when a lantern landed on a shop causing four neighbouring homes to catch fire, wildfire: 800 acres were destroyed in South Carolina in 2011.• • • • #trashtag ♻️

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TRASH project

Museum at FIT

NYC curbs 14,000 tons of residential and commercial waste each day. Lower your consumption and avoid single use plastics when possible - encourage your community to refine their waste.

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