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Amanda Bergen Padilla (@apadilla2824) Instagram Profile Photo

Amanda Bergen Padilla

First time lemonade stand! All proceeds are donated to @scituateanimalshelter ❤️❤️❤️ 🍋 #tobeakid

Savor every drop. Live well. (@drinkingthewholebottle) Instagram Profile Photo

Savor every drop. Live well.

La Quinta Avenida, Playa Del Carmen

Don’t you miss being a kid and being able to find the silly and fun in everything? Being able to savor every drop of life without thinking about it? We’d probably all be better off if we let our inner kid take over sometimes. Do you remember the last time you let your inner kid loose?#tobeakid

Jenny Jordan (@jennysweetbakes) Instagram Profile Photo

Jenny Jordan

Jump in Justin! My lil fish 🏊‍♂️🌞 #tobeakid

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Come take the Chicken Challenge! Can you beat the Chicken or are you going to choke?? My dad wanted to have a real chicken for this like at the carnivals when he was a kid but he found out chickens had rights. He’d need several, need to rotate their shifts and then the city said no you can’t build a chicken coupe outside! Frustrated a few years later he found an amazing artist/computer genius and created this one of a kind marvel for us!

Cassandra Baumert (@cassiethegreatone) Instagram Profile Photo

Cassandra Baumert

So much fun at urban air! #tobeakid I can’t believe we waited so long to come here!

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