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Laketown Ranch

"Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go You'll never shine if you don't glow" #throwback to last month when I spontaneously ended up at @laketownshakedown with my best bud @adam_and_his_photos 😆 Not the typical festival I would go to, but damn we had an amazing time. Yelling all the words to Allstar while @smashmouthsmash played was one of those things in life that I had no idea I even wanted until it was happening, and it was absolutely glorious ✨✨ I just posted the vlog of this adventure on my YouTube channel if you want to see more of our shenanigans watching Incubus, Snoop Dawg, @illvisfreshly , Sublime with Rome. Link is in my bio as usual~

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Jake Jacob


Room with a view. Why is that so important? Part of my ponderings this week I finally discovered something. I spent my entire youth and young adulthood living in northern Utah, hiking through the mountains, camping, trips to to arches, the narrows, mountain lakes wakeboarding. Nature is engrained in me. It’s my “safe space” if you will. Then a vast change with grad school and training for 9 years. . Whenever I felt overwhelmed, like I want to contemplate, I needed space, I would simply going to my own backyard and hike the mountains for hours. I would look out over the vast valley and see an entire world that was separate from me, and be at peace knowing that I was comfortably alone on my own terms. . When I remember my time in Miami, I moved during the recession stumbling onto an apartment with view of the inter-coastal that somehow fit a poor independent grad students budget. I lucked out. Out of all my years in Miami what I remember most is looking over the ocean in South Beach. Watching the sunrise, sitting on my balcony. It became my new escape when life became overwhelming. Those times when I felt the most lonely I was able to find peace in being alone. . Discovering this is the case, acknowledging the lack of my personal a-tuned nature existence, is a first step in allowing myself to understand how to best weigh through my own inner struggles. It allows me to take a step away from the bustling city, the people, the drama, the day-to-day life. It allows me to see beauty instead of the multitude of stress drama and headaches that may have been blinding me. . I am drawn to stealing away to locations and people where I can store up my own personal memory bank of nature and tranquility. Even looking from my apartment at the beautiful convergence of major American rivers allows me a semblance of the same process I learned when I was younger. Finding beauty in where I currently live has become a corner stone of my own personal happiness and growth. As the Mormon missionary saying states, “love where you live and grow where you are planted.” . . . #throwback

When the start of your week feels like.....bounce with me 🏀 #throwback

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