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Paz Art Studios

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İhsan Öz

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My nana bought me a new toy, and my cousin tried to take it! #thief

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trying to get with dat . #thief

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JEN (Jenny Su)

Daddy (that creates) issue club. So this is Rasil, the chief of the Forty Thieves who raised and trained Vidaar. He liked the kid, but at the same time, used him for his own benefits and only see him as a long term investment. Once Vidaar allied himself with young Prince Arslan, Rasil and the thieves captured 13 year-old baby Vidaar and tortured him as a punishment, hence resulting in the wound on his cheeks made from hot iron for Arandian cattles. . . . . . . #thief

Rockin' those sunglasses babe🧡 #thief Credits to everyone who posted it🧡

My current status: So i myself have been stealing since forever basically, it started small. But now i mostly hit clothing stores. It's easy, lots of varieties and i like style. I'm not proud of it but i'm not exactly gonna stop either. It's like a pull i can't seem to control.. I have to do it, even if it's something i don't even like. I feel like someone else is taking over everytime i'm "hitting town". ~ G #thief

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