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Chrissy Collopy (@sapphiresunfish) Instagram Profile Photo

Chrissy Collopy

Object of my affection for today’s painting session... two headed turtle, which way do we goOoo? I’m sure I have more to paint on them but for now they are diggin’ their new paint job 🐢🐢 #theythemtheirs

BODYSYNC CO. (@bodysync_co) Instagram Profile Photo


You already have everything you need - Acceptance of your current state, doesn’t mean you are rolling over and giving up. It means you can feel success now, it means you can be happy with what you have already achieved.

grove+pine fire island (@groveandpine) Instagram Profile Photo

grove+pine fire island

Carnegie Hill

who knew chefing 👨🏽‍🍳 could be so much fun?! I’m now an apron kinda girl 🍌💁🏽‍♂️ check out the perfect, high quality gift 🎁 for you and yours to help make summer last all year long ☀️ . . Est. 2019 Cherry Grove Fire Island Pines . . #theythemtheirs

I got this hat at Pride this past weekend! I had lots of fun, even if I couldn't regress like I sometimes needed. . . . . . . . . . . #theythemtheirs

BODYSYNC CO. (@bodysync_co) Instagram Profile Photo


I’m enjoying the full bod training, so I may as well stick with it 🕺 Full Body - V crunches x 30 secs Russian twists x 30 secs Climbers x 30 secs x 3 Barbell chest press 28kg 8-10 x 5 Arnold press 10kg x 15 Delt flys 5kg x 15 x 3 Static lunges x 12 Jumping squats x 10 x 3

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