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Alfred Stewart (@isshoni.webcomic) Instagram Profile Photo

Alfred Stewart

Atlanta, GA area

| making up fake brands is hard sometimes 😂 | at @Onyxcon this for the of @isshoni.webcomic to get some IsshoNi ______________________________________________________________ #tengu

My client came in requesting a Tengu mask with a subtle cat twist on it and this is what we settled on (: absolutely grateful to be getting these Japanese/oriental projects! Super down to do more oriental pieces! Come get at me @97582529 or email me if you’d like to get a tattoo done by me! #tengu

Norico Chua ちゅあのりこ (@noricochua_book) Instagram Profile Photo

Norico Chua ちゅあのりこ

“通りゃんせ” 宵闇 宵闇 寝つけない夜は なくした鈴がチリンチリン 古いお話の扉が開く ヒトもケモノも物の怪も 敵か味方か摩訶不思議 そこは出口か入り口か 引きずりこむのか 引き上げるのか 向こう側で遊んでおいで 帰れる呪文は教えておくから "Pass the path" Passing a bad night in the twilight You hear the bell ringing Now the door has opened Human, Beast and Monsters Friends and foes All gathered for the wonder feast Pass the path once anyway They dragging you down or pulling you up Play there for a while keep your spell coming home #tengu

チョン さ しぁう? #tengu さ しぁう

André Lucas (@andrew_luc4s) Instagram Profile Photo

André Lucas

Estudo rápido em argila de agora a noite, Tengu (天狗) são criaturas fantásticas do folclore japonês, uma espécie de goblin cujas lendas possuem traços tanto da religião budista quanto xintoísta Espero q gostem do q eu fiz . . . . . . . . . . #tengu

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