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Elizabeth Chokshi (@elizabeth.chokshi) Instagram Profile Photo

Elizabeth Chokshi

J u a n c h o (@juancho_fm) Instagram Profile Photo

J u a n c h o

Natalia Burmicky (@natyburmicky) Instagram Profile Photo

Natalia Burmicky

José Ángel Martínez Bermúdez (@jakojavier) Instagram Profile Photo

José Ángel Martínez Bermúdez

Katie Pantoja (@xo_k_a_t_xo) Instagram Profile Photo

Katie Pantoja

Nidia Zendejas ( Instagram Profile Photo

Nidia Zendejas

Vital Training™ (@vitaltrainingclub) Instagram Profile Photo

Vital Training™

BlackGirlsDineToo (NYC) (@blackgirlsdinetoo) Instagram Profile Photo

BlackGirlsDineToo (NYC)

🌟AN Torres🌟 (@iamantorres72) Instagram Profile Photo

🌟AN Torres🌟

ENTRENATOTALL Training (@entrenatotall) Instagram Profile Photo


OsteoSports Fisioterapia (@osteosports) Instagram Profile Photo

OsteoSports Fisioterapia

MONNA    Hair • Mani • Beauty ( Instagram Profile Photo

MONNA Hair • Mani • Beauty

Oliver Fernandez (@oliverfernandez_3) Instagram Profile Photo

Oliver Fernandez

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Rodrigo Mezadri

Ana Karine Lins (@karinelinsnutri_) Instagram Profile Photo

Ana Karine Lins

Lrt Preparation (@lrt_garage) Instagram Profile Photo

Lrt Preparation

Nouvelle mise au point terminer ça bombarde @nadu_lrt 💪🚀 #team

Ortho Mentor (@orthomentor) Instagram Profile Photo

Ortho Mentor

Baltimore, Maryland

🔥New “Sounds from the Room Training Room” Blog Post: Networking in Residency 🔥 __ 💪🏾Happy Friday ‼️Whether you are just starting medical school or getting acclimated to residency , it’s common to wonder how to start networking, to optimize your growth personally and professionally‼️See below for a sneak peek; link to the blog post in bio. ___ 💥 Networking? Seriously? As a resident, we have to care for patients, prepare for surgeries, study for exams, attempt to balance life outside of the hospital and now we have to network? The answer is absolutely! Let us explain ___ 💥As residents, we have taken vastly different paths from our contemporaries who entered the workforce and job market immediately after college. We studied for tests and board exams, built our CVs, and ultimately got a residency spot through a computer matchmaking system. Meanwhile, our friends in many other fields were shaking hands, establishing connections and climbing their career ladders one conversation or phone call at a time. They understood early on what we must learn now. Networking is essential for building a career; we explore a few of the reasons below.... ___ Click the link in bio to read the full blog post‼️ How have you developed networking skills over the years❓ Let us know below 👇🏽 ___ #team

debora acosta (@totyaguips4) Instagram Profile Photo

debora acosta

Mi jugador favorito!💙💛💙💛 My favorite played!💙💛💙💛 #team

Lynch/van Otterloo YMCA

It's Important You Lift Your Friends Up! . . Having a lot of fun today messing around with different situations. There is also a blooper of this one 🙈 . . One of the key components to fitness is making it fun. By making it fun, you will be more consistent and enjoy doing it. This is one of the many different things that we tried. Calisthenics, acroyoga, carries, presses, planks, we tried so much today and had fun doing it! . . Thanks for the help @musclemamamia @m_giuffrida and @jgillz31 on the 🎥 . . Stay active and as always, stay on the Hunt! #team

Lions_Maroc_Football (@lions_maroc_football) Instagram Profile Photo


King Abdullah Sports City

. مروان داكوستا و كريم الأحمدي خلال مشاركتهما الأساسية رفقة نادي الإتحاد في المباراة التي إنتهت بالفوز على حساب نادي الرائد بثلاثية مقابل هدف واحد ، لحساب الجولة الأولى من الدوري السعودي . . 📷 🇸🇦 | @kea_8 @manueldacosta_official 🇲🇦 🇸🇦 . . #Team

Ανδρομαχη Μαρνελα (@mahie_marnela) Instagram Profile Photo

Ανδρομαχη Μαρνελα

"Ευτυχία"!!! Μικρές στιγμές που μένουν στο χρόνο με την ανάμνηση των συναισθημάτων που σου προκάλεσαν. Στόχος; Να δημιουργήσεις πολλές στιγμές που θα σου δίνουν όμορφα συναισθήματα! Να κρατάς κοντά σου ανθρώπους που θα τρέξουν να σου δώσουν μια σφιχτή αγκαλιά όταν είσαι λυπημένος! #team

Ella's Ristorante & Pizzeria (@ellasristorante) Instagram Profile Photo

Ella's Ristorante & Pizzeria

Saucon Valley High School

🏈📣👍 We are proud to support Saucon Valley football. 😊 . . . . . #team #🏈

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