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HairMD Hair Transplant Centre (@hairmd_india) Instagram Profile Photo

HairMD Hair Transplant Centre

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Hilvy 🐾⚕️🇭🇰 (@lifeofavet) Instagram Profile Photo

Hilvy 🐾⚕️🇭🇰

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Finished up a very tough, but fulfilling second week of vet school. This week was emotionally and mentally draining, but the weekend is here! I am ready for sleep, gym, food, and more sleep 😴🛌 . 📚 This week, I started off my first surgery ever as the lead surgeon in our canine castration labs. Frank recovered really well with minimal signs of swelling and a very mild scrotal hematoma. He's up for adoption if anyone is interested! Then we ended the week with our first exam on various emergency and critical care topics. The test wasn't too terrible, but it did take me an insanely long time to get back into study mode. We followed up with a TG which is a school wide barbecue event students put on to bring faculty and students together. This was a special one because it was also an opportunity for those who did STAR research projects to present their work. Even bumped into our Dean @lairvet who was passing out ice cream and popsicles! 🍨 . ☀️ Finally have a free weekend to just relax and hang out with friends so I am excited! . ❓ How did everyone else's week go?

Mario González (@ma_goch) Instagram Profile Photo

Mario González


"When I round at the bedside with the team I touch every patient. I hold a hand and unwrap dressings and take off tape and check and squeeze a shoulder. I sit in a chair and pull it up close so I can be right there while I listen. Tactile and human. people often feel untouchable. or . I don’t care about no germs. I am part of humanity. A in this tribe. I can wash at the sink when I am done". . #surgeon 😷 🇲🇽 🇲🇽

Dr Joshua Wolrich (MBBS MRCS) (@drjoshuawolrich) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr Joshua Wolrich (MBBS MRCS)

London, United Kingdom

Words by Abdullah Shoaib.

Dr. Keila Hoover (@premiumhealthcare) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Keila Hoover

Keila Hoover MD

Im currently in a scientific research meeting in Chicago for new medications coming out to the market in the allergy field. In the meantime, my youngest daughter is at home practicing how to do stitches at 12 years of age! She loves science and medicine. Just like her mom 😊 👩🏻‍⚕️ 🥼 🧪 🧫 🔬👏👌 #surgeon

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Emanuel Arias

Go check out my IGTV videos!📺 Every week I meet with some of the nation’s top doctors, all practicing in a variety of different specialties, in order to further educate myself and the public about important topics pertaining to medicine, cancer, and overall human health. Follow us and stay tuned to our new IGTV videos every Friday. • • • #surgeon

Impact of climate change on mortality underlined by global study.. . Read the full article on MDedge Cardiology on Twitter and Facebook.. . . #surgeon

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