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fernywombat (@fernywombat) Instagram Profile Photo


Mooloolaba Beach

Another perfect day in paradise. But alas, it's almost time to head back to Brisvegas. #sunnydays

Footsteps around the world  🌎 (@footsteps_around_theworld) Instagram Profile Photo

Footsteps around the world 🌎

Yum 😋 just what I needed 💞 #sunnydays

Ксения Серова (@kseniya_cover) Instagram Profile Photo

Ксения Серова

My favorite song ✨😄 #sunnydays

SEVEN_2446 (@seven__2446) Instagram Profile Photo


Sunday is the best day of the week... #sunnydays

I don’t live in or near the mountains. I don’t live near beautiful blue bodies of water. I don’t live within forests of evergreen trees. I don’t have shaded, unpredictable, fun trails through . But there’s two important things I have learned in this . The second of the two is . Would I rather live in the mountains, or at least within a short drive from them? Oh yes. Would I rather live near forests? Definitely. But I don’t. I live in some sort of mix of , , , and . The sun blazes with little relief. Grasshoppers, snakes, and rabbits are the normal non human run in while walking. Not elk, foxes, or cardinals. And when the weather turns, the snow and cold make it near impossible to venture out. But it’s where I am. That may change one day. But not today. So . While dodging grasshoppers and half running away from the during my 4.2km , I looked up a few times. Not to see a towering mountain where clouds hid the top. Not to come face to face with rare wildlife. But to see this. This in all its . God’s hand is in this just as much as the mountains and trees and songbirds I yearn for. . What are you grateful for today? Leave a comment if you read this exhaustive post 👍🏻🙂 nydays

IcyHot Vroom Vroom (@ps.cars_) Instagram Profile Photo

IcyHot Vroom Vroom

It’s that time of year again! It’s and ❤️ I can’t wait to march! This is my last season 😭 - It’s also ABSOLUTELY beautiful today! It’s currently 75°! Couldn’t ask for a better day! • #SunnyDays

Nancy Chatty (@doris236) Instagram Profile Photo

Nancy Chatty

On the street today. Providence R.I. #sunnydays .

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