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ʜᴀʏʟᴇʏ ᴡᴀʀᴅ (@boosk_on_the_loosk) Instagram Profile Photo

ʜᴀʏʟᴇʏ ᴡᴀʀᴅ

Sutton, Alaska

Caribou tacos 😋! Extremely thankful that my husband managed to snag a caribou this year. We’ve already put the meat to good use. hunting

Its nice having an uncle that goes hunting and brings back a caribou heart to do a lesson on the anatomy of a heart. Looking forward to eating the small piece he left for us tomorrow with dinner. #subsistencehunting

Last week my baby went with his father on his first really big hunting trip and shot his very first Caribou. He was so very proud and made sure to call me as often as he could to let me know he was ok ♥️ also to promise me he would use every piece of the animal to show his respect. Papa Seldovia will be so proud when he talks to you D. #subsistencehunting

Last week my friend Ron Waline, whom I met at ALONE boot camp last summer, interviewed me for his awesome podcast on Wellness and Wilderness. It was a great conversation on living authentically, nature connection, orca whales, hunting ethics, youth mentoring, vulnerability, and much more. Check it out! #subsistencehunting

First time shooting since I've been home from ALONE last winter. This is a pretty typical group at 15 yards. Not bad since I haven't practiced since last September at all, and these were all "surprise" shots. A surprise shot is where I look at the ground or away from the target, then sight and shoot it all at once to simulate that surprise animal that comes out of nowhere on the run that you'll only get one shot window on. No gap shooting, both eyes on target, fast as I can do smoothly and silently. That's how I got my first deer with a long bow. Would have been impossible with a compound. I also like to walk around my target while looking around, wide angle vision style, and get different distances, angles, positions, even lighting, while simulating a stalk. Then let fly. New position, new arrow. I may not put 6 arrows into a 1" bull's eye from a static distance, but I can typically fill up a deer sized kill zone from just about anywhere, distractions and all. That captures the point of shooting for me a lot better. Putting meat in my mouth. And for some reason the results seem to last. The few times I've had to go for months without shooting I haven't really seen a decline in accuracy that wasn't resolved in a few rounds of arrows. Not sure what that's about. #subsistencehunting

Hasan Shahriar Kabir Hasib (@shahr1ar) Instagram Profile Photo

Hasan Shahriar Kabir Hasib

বাপপুতের ঈদ শপিং reached @কামলাস্থল। 'আবোল তাবল' পড়ে ইদানিং তিনি সুকুমার রায় ভক্ত, তাই এবার 'খাই খাই' #subsistencehunting

I miss moose bacon. Bison burgers with moose bacon. One of the best parts about going to Alaska and visiting friends is coming home with a cooler full of salmon and moose. #subsistencehunting

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