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Katherine L'Etang

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Tema, Ghana

Flyer designed for NEWNETEXPRESS SERVICES to help promote their business . . Your business can’t grow if you don’t advertise and promote. The chance of getting your next customer is based on how you advertise and promote your business. . . Grow your business with us @tradem2u . . #strategy

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Kremlin Moscow

🔥ЕЩЕ БОЛЬШЕ ПОЛЬЗЫ для путешествий!🔥 ⠀ 🙈Чуть не забыла, что обещала с вами поделиться еще одной партией приложений, которые когда-то спасли меня в трэвел-ситуации! Муж вчера напомнил, что 😭лето и сезон отпусков подходит к концу, а я с ужасом осознала, что забыла поделиться полезностями... ⠀ 💖Исправляюсь!💖 ⠀ 👍Ставьте лайк, 🔖сохраняйте и 🔄делитесь с друзьями! ⠀ 📝Приложения-помощники: ⠀ 📍Yelp ⠀ Еще одно приложение для поиска места, где можно вкусно и недорого поесть, ориентируясь на высокий рейтинг и фото блюд. Yelp дает информацию по несетевым оригинальным ресторанам и кафе. ⠀ 📍Переводчик Google ⠀ Самый известный переводчик на 90 языков. Вы можете переводить свои реплики и реплики собеседника прямо во время разговора. И главное - интернет не требуется. Только заранее нужно установить языковые пакеты. ⠀ 📍TripIt ⠀ Собираетесь много перемещаться в путешествии и останавливаться в разных отелях? Просто откройте TripIt доступ в свой почтовый ящик, и приложение сохранит брони, выстроит для вас понятный маршрут и приложит нужные карты. ⠀ 📍WIFI-map ⠀ Решение всех ваших проблем. Пароли от Wi-Fi и подсказки от реальных людей по всему миру. Можно добавить новую сеть или подключиться к уже существующим точкам. ___________________________________________⠀ ❓Полезно? Сохраняйте в закладки!

Find Out What Features Are Important To Form An Effective N.G.O? Its Not Easy To Start An Effective N.G.O There Are An Estimated 1.5–3 Million NGOs In India, And Most Of Them Facing Challenges To Run Effectively Due Lack Of Proper Administration And Planning If You Are One Of Those Who Is Planning To Start Or Already Running An NGO We Encourage You To Participate & Learn From The Expert About The Issues Of Vision, Mission, Strategic Planning, Goals, Effective Coordination And Communication To Run An Successful N.G.O Be The Part Of The Seminar To Know "Formation to Funding" of N.G.O.'s To Book Your Seat: Call: 9582577861, 9873183905. Pre-registration is a must, Contact us for Details. Fees; 3500 INR Per Person Date: 15th September 2019 Venue: Hotel Hardeo Address: Dr. Munje Marg, Near Laxmi Theatre, Sitabuldi, Nagpur, Maharashtra . . . #strategy

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iNfojerk (Digital to Business)

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #Strategy

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Immense Hospitality

7 Ways to Play the Revenue Management Game 1. Profitability is the name of the game : It's becoming increasingly important for hoteliers to focus on profitability. What revenue managers today need to understand, is that all channels are not the same and all have a different impact on profit and loss. 2. Pricing: it's complicated : The person responsible for pricing has a tough role. Why? Because it impacts all top line revenue channels and so requires a focus on OTAs, brand websites, e-commerce platforms and so on. 3. It's a mobile journey but people still like to talk : People are increasingly comfortable booking via mobile but call centre operations continue to grow at around 40% a year. 4. There are two sides to the coin : When the customer is in the hotel they are your captive audience and you can do more to encourage direct bookings in the future 5. RM can't function alone : Revenue managers today need to understand the nuts and bolts of the business – everything from distribution channels to e-commerce, sales and marketing and how paid search impacts traffic and conversion. 6. Analytical skills need work : Today you can track a lot of initiatives and understand where and how they are delivering a return on investment. So if marketing is working on a TV ad campaign, then you can actually track increased hits on your website. 7. New tools mean greater transparency : With the proliferation of inexpensive technological tools, it can be easy to focus on lots of different things at once and this perhaps yields lesser results than when focusing on a few key areas. Leave a message or write to us and we’ll be happy to discuss way forward. Email : #strategy

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Numeris Media

The Lagos Leather Fair @lagosleatherfair. It's not just about goods. Get realistic tips on how to access for .. #strategy nigeria ..

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