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⚔️ Lil Ms Chainsaw ⚙️ (@lil_ms_chainsaw) Instagram Profile Photo

⚔️ Lil Ms Chainsaw ⚙️

Laura Mayr (@cruzcaray) Instagram Profile Photo

Laura Mayr

LE DUE RUOTE - Bisignano (@ledueruotebisignano) Instagram Profile Photo

LE DUE RUOTE - Bisignano

Pure Country 105 (@purecountry105) Instagram Profile Photo

Pure Country 105

Mr Benitez Himself (@aandldesertlandscapes) Instagram Profile Photo

Mr Benitez Himself

Summerlin South, Nevada

The summer season is almost over & still blessed to be booked Thank you 🙏🏼 3 Mexican fan palms in summerlin 🌴🌴🌴 Thinking about dropping 3 videos a week on my channel for the month of September 💯🌴🔥 #stihl #stihl

Jonas @ TreeCare India (@treecareindia_jonas) Instagram Profile Photo

Jonas @ TreeCare India

Tree Care

Few days ago we took the time to give back to the local community, if you recall about 2 months back @treecareindia_anadi posted a string of videos where the local tree cutting team was removing a large tree with no safe climbing equipment. We at  with the help of @dankonstantly who so generously sent us some used gear to give them, have shared our knowledge and skills that we have developed over so many years of work. It took a long time to co-ordinate a training session and it got cancelled several times, but finally we did it. @treecareindia_anadi and I are not the most proficient in  so excuse the butchery. The future of arboriculture is in the local population and this young man Ramesh has got skills, bear in mind that this is the first time in a harness with ropes and he gets it straight off the bat, he learnt the fisherman's knot in 2 tries and was quick to pick up how to lean into the ropes and move about. If we had enough time and work to take him on e jobs a week he would be killer. Apart from giving them a brief introductory  we also gave them advice on how to run a more sustainable and profitable business. We hope that these kind of small actions can have a much larger influence in safe work at heigh in India. Let us start a TREEVOLUTION and create a vibrant industry of professional Arborists 🇮🇳💚🌳 Thanks for the support: @courant_vertical_living @arbortecfw @getjobber 🌳 🌴 🌳 🌴 🌳 #stihl

This thing is an animal. 41" bar #stihl

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