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Ball State University

Continuing the scissor theme ✨✂️🌈 and enjoying my last day off before the new semester starts! Crazy to believe I’m starting my second year of grad school tomorrow

Alexandria Mente (@alexandriapottery) Instagram Profile Photo

Alexandria Mente

Espresso cups...sweet little country white espresso cups❤️These were fun to make! I tried new glaze combinations these last two kiln loads and I have to say that there are some beauties in there! Oh, and those thumb rests are ultra comfortable too:) ☕️👍🏼☕️👍🏼☕️ #standardclay #☕️ #👍🏼

Ball State University

Views of the saucer from yesterday with its matching cup ✨

Sarah Ceramics (@sarahceramics02) Instagram Profile Photo

Sarah Ceramics

Blues💙 I am obsessed with this bowl!!! The glaze was actually a mistake but I’m so happy on how it came out!! This is @maycocolors alabaster then mayco blue surf. I meant to use stoned denim instead of blue surf but I’m so happy on how it came out! The Clay is @kentuckymudworks brown bear. I have many good brown bear pieces that came out in my last glaze firing. #standardclay

Lindsey Epstein Pottery (@lepottery) Instagram Profile Photo

Lindsey Epstein Pottery

Lindsey Epstein Pottery

What a lovely day today! Thanks for coming out to the studio! Here’s a couple of urchin air plant vases that were fired yesterday and are waiting to go home with someone. I just love the 🌈, texture and all those dots! It all happens again tomorrow (Sunday, August 18) from 11-5 if you want to visit and see all the things 😀

A p r i l ☾ (@clayandflora) Instagram Profile Photo

A p r i l ☾

comrades, I'm here to tell you: your pottery comes back to haunt you. or it comes back to remind you how far you've come. or maybe it's a little bit of both. either way sooner or later you're going to be confronted by an older piece you gave away to friends (you know your friends are true friends when they display your questionable pottery in their kitchen window, you know, like it's not ugly). I speak from experience. Recently I found myself eye to eye with the flower pot in slides 3 and 4, and felt immediately victimized by my own glazing technique. This new, improved, and deliciously drippy (if I do say so myself) pot is a direct result of being confronted by my own work from a year ago. 😂✌️ #standardclay

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