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Crystal Dreams

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Piya Chaudhuri

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Ninti Auset

Ninti's Daily Tarot Espresso 8/23/19 The message today is "Find Some Time For Yourself"!! Check out the 3 min message for more. Time is fluid, so it may have happened already or in the upcoming days.Please share.. and I would love to hear if and how it resonated in the comments. For more readings subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Queendom Tarot. Deck Used: Goddess Guidance *will alternate decks weekly ity

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Yesterday my oldest nanny child asked me what “perception” meant. I paused for a second, because what a profound question. What is perception? I could have googled a dictionary definition, but if that always worked we as humans would have a better grasp of the power words have. So I asked Trey to give me a few minutes to think about a way to clearly explain it him. I embraced the quiet and ridiculousness of striving to find more words, better words, to string together to define something so abstract. Finally though, as I stared out the big window in the kitchen, it came to me. Perception is how we think and feel about what we see. We all have our own perceptions and ways of interpreting the information our eyes gives us. Our perception heavily weighs on our environments. Are we boxing ourselves by limiting our knowledge? Is the bridge from ignorance to perception the intrinsic motivation to learn? I don’t know. But I’m going to take a minute and think about it . . . #spirituality

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Spiritual Awakening

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