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Lord Arse! (@lordarse) Instagram Profile Photo

Lord Arse!

Retrogaming Memory! ❤ Title: World Series Basketball Publisher: Imagine Version: ZX Spectrum Year: 1985 #speccy

Echo Del Tusker (@echodeltusker) Instagram Profile Photo

Echo Del Tusker

ON the weekend, Echo Del Tusker flexed its cover set biceps at Kinglake Football Club. What better excuse do you need to rock out in football jerseys and shake your VB tinnies? Go Aussie Go. This was the most unblurred photo from the night. Good game, everyone! ✌

deborah macqueen (@macqueen_bee) Instagram Profile Photo

deborah macqueen

I dont brush my hair on days ending in Y ✌ #speccy

Channie 🌸 (@xchvnniex) Instagram Profile Photo

Channie 🌸

I walked all the way to a wind turbine. It was fucking massive. #speccy

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