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Ana Severo Martins

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Charles Kaufman

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Jacob Pelleman

💀 Gettin’ gothy with it. 💀

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ok so this year we've seen that whoever has a birthday wears the hero crown and controls the heroes for one day. Both Avrie and Robyn have worn it already for their 21st birthdays but Jay's birthday is a little different because he recently moved to Las Vegas, the best place for anyone to celebrate their 21st birthday! Jay is of course hugging his queen on this wonderful day as she wishes him a happy birthday and I expect everyone else to do the same.😊👑🎂 have a good day everyone. s

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Jacob Pelleman

Valiant doing a little posing for the camera. 🐦

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Astound Illustration Agency


Happy Tuesday, everyone! It's @nadjasarell here taking over 🙋‍♀️ Here are some of my sketchbooks. I LOVE art materials and I buy way too many sketchbooks! . . . . #sketchbooks

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