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I have a lot of young people to reach in my life right now! Vote like your planet depends on it because guess what IT DOES! You have to clean up the MASSIVE mess that older generations have created for you. It's not fair that your friends are getting shot and killed in their own schools! It's not fair that the planet you were brought into is literally on fire! So vote BLUE and vote TRUMP out! We need to be loving towards immigrants seeking asylum, ban assault weapons for YOUR safety and have massive gun reform, we need to listen to scientists to save our planet! Don't be the person who says " I don't get involved in politics." If you are a human being living and breathing you ARE involved! So to my young cousins, nieces, nephews, young co your eyes this year and vote!!! #silenceiscomplicity

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Outside Voices Podcast

Manzanar National Historic Site

ACCOUNTABILITY AND HOLDING MULTIPLE TRUTHS AT THE SAME TIME. A note from host and producer @sarahemilia: Stories have the power to challenge and change the way we see the world. As storytellers, we must commit to the responsibility of holding multiple truths at the same time and carefully embracing the complexity of the narratives we weave. The Japanese in America were wrongly incarcerated during World War II. Yet at the same time, the Japanese committed serious, horrific atrocities across Asia. Both are true and neither justify the other. In our most recent episode of , we failed to name this complicated history. I want to take a moment to own the impact this had on our listeners, especially folks who identify as non-Japanese API. When referring to Japanese in America, we weren’t specific and frequently reverted to “the Japanese” as a blanket term. We brought up stereotypes about Japanese in America being seen as complacent and submissive, yet this only reflects the white gaze. Such perspectives don’t acknowledge how other folks—especially people who identify as Chinese, Korean and Filipinx to name a few—might view Japanese people. But most of all, our failure to name this history is an act of erasure that compounds the silence of the Japanese, who to this day continue denying the impact of colonization and genocide. This should have been addressed, especially because I clearly named that my ancestors lived in Japan during WWII and were not incarcerated in the U.S. As someone who is Japanese-Filipinx-Chinese, I often think about the complexity of my identity, yet my blinders very clearly affected the making of this episode and the impact it had on others. I want to send my gratitude and appreciation to folks who already have or anyone willing to give generous feedback on how this episode and previous episodes landed. On top of all that, I'm eager for this to be a start to many discussions about the nuance and complexity of our identities, beyond “black and white.” As Asian-Pacific Islanders, there is a WORLD of diversity within that identity alone. Let’s end the silence and talk about it. . 📍This is Payahuunadü

Cobb County Courthouse

Met with the first woman/first Black District Attorney for Cobb County to advocate for criminal justice reform, address mass incarceration, and reforming the cash bail system. Because slavery wasn’t abolished, it was redesigned 💯 @shaunking #SilenceIsComplicity

Credit to the always inspirational Pastor John Pavlovitz, who so eloquently speaks exactly what is in so many of our hearts these difficult days. #SilenceIsComplicity

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Sisanak Bahram

- " I am the American heartbreak- Rock on which Stumps it's toe- The great mistake That Jamestown Made long ago. " ' American Heartbreak', first published in 'Phylon' (3rd quarter 1951), p. 248 #SilenceIsComplicity Without there is no @techimmortal

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Petite Gorrion

Read that again: CHILDREN HELD DETAINED INDEFINITELY. 😡 When will the international community step in? The US government has gone haywire, clear violations of human rights, on par with the worst offenders around the world. When are the citizens of the US going to stand up against the atrocities being committed in their name at this time? Silence is complicity #silenceiscomplicity

Southlake, Texas

Be anti-racist! Yes it is difficult. Now, more than ever, speak out! Not calling out racists is complicity. #silenceiscomplicity

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