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WS BL SEX @SMG yg ke2 NJ Horison hotel tq buat peserta dmn pun berada Roadshow yg ke5 Solusi tepat keharmonisan rumah tangga #SEXEducation

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What age is appropriate to talk to your child about menstruation? Any Age! Menstruation is a topic for all genders and ages. Once your child can name body parts and understand simple concepts, they can understand menstruation. Menstruation starts between the ages 8-13 years, so, the earlier you start talking about it the better. . What I have noticed is that many parents are awkward about periods themselves. We hide to buy pads, we cant call menstruation by its name and so we tend to feel "somehow" and think its a big deal. This is something I've also experienced till about a few years ago. So how you feel about it will influence how you talk about it. And if you feel shame, your child learns that periods are shameful. They aren't. . The woman in this video could have said, "Yes, I use them but I dont need any at the moment". Then when they got home, she could bring out a pad, explain what menstruation is in simple terms and show him how the pad works with a cup of water. That way he knows about it and he is compassionate about it when he knows a woman on her period. . What if you dont know what to say? You can start by asking your child what they know about periods or what they think pads are used for. Then there is a video on in my bio) that explains menstruation in simple terms. You can watch it with your child and then ask them if they have questions. And its a great way to start cultivating an open and friendly communication with your child. . If you havent had this discussion yet, then you can click the link in my bio and watch the video as a start. . Have a lovely week... Love, Dr M❀

Health is a strange word that we throw around a lot. Sometimes, on learning my disability status, others say it’s hard to remember my needs because β€œI look so healthy”. And my reply is usually that I AM healthy, I just don’t move through the same way as a non chronically-ill person. Because health isn’t, for me, when the doctor pronounces you perfectly healthy - it’s having a full, rich life and being able to achieve your potential. Chronic illness - of any kind - doesn’t have to diminish it. But we also have to stop using health as this ultimate benchmark. β€œAt least you have your health” is often used in a time of darkness to make you feel better, but what if you don’t have your health? Sex and health status can interlink closely, and the use of β€œhealthy” to mean β€œclear of STIs” can be particularly harmful. All health statuses are important, because all people are important. #sexeducation

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🍬Outtake of a @platanomelon shooting πŸ­β € β €β €β € β €β €β €β € β €β €β €β €β €β €β € β €β €β € β €β €β €β € β €β €β €β €β €β €β € education ( Instagram Profile Photo

Third lesson in sex positivity πŸ˜‰ Taking responsibility for your actions Yes. That's right. It's a new age for women's right but also a new age for women to take responsibility for our sexual health too 1. Reach for the condom. Carry one on you. Be bold and stubborn about your protection. You want to be treated like an adult? Act like one. 2. Not ready for kids? There's nothing like an "unwanted" baby. Only "unplanned" pregnancies. Get serious about contraceptives (not the morning after pill). Ask your doctor what plans are available and works best for your body type. 3. Get tested periodically. This cannot be over emphasized! Some STDs can slip past a condom and cause long-term damage. 4. Pay attention to your body PLEASE! 5. Lastly, sexual liberty comes with responsibilities. Be sure you can handle that before taking that leap, Queen. Love, Mahogany ❀️ #sexeducation

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