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.book week.. Well the hours and hours of work I put into this was all worth it when I received the biggest smile from my lovely MrK. He proudly paraded his costume at school book week celebrations today. We started planning this last month. I asked him what he wanted to dress up as this year he decided on Emmet Brickowski from @thelegomovie , and he HAD to have Planty as well 😁 We certainly learnt some new skills with this one 😂but most importantly he had the best day! And Winner Winner Chicken Dinner... Kristen Worth was the winner. She correctly guessed the character so MrK decided she should be our winner 💓 Congratulations Kristen and thank you to those who entered 💙 #sewing

Fräulein Co - Corinna (@frauleinco) Instagram Profile Photo

Fräulein Co - Corinna

Alle fertig 👏🏼👏🏼 Ab heute gibt es 21 neue lange Pumphosen in den Größen 62-92 im zu kaufen ☺️ und damit’s nicht langweilig wird, zeig ich sie Euch in Ettapen - heute die Größe 62/68 Mädchenhosen #sewing

Lahjuksia. Edelleen ongelmia yksinkertaisten asioiden hahmotuksessa ja ompelussa... tuubihuivi jollei hahmota kuvasta :D @kangaskapina #sewing

裏地付き巾着袋  リネンパンツと一緒にオーダー頂いた巾着袋。 リーフ柄で作りました◡̈⋆♪  ミニなのでちょっとした小物入れに 丁度いいサイズ。 内布がついてるので丈夫です◡̈⃝︎ 友達用です。  パンツはこれから(^^;;     #sewing      *

✖️Tranquility✖️by Megan (@_tranquilityclothing) Instagram Profile Photo

✖️Tranquility✖️by Megan

Jade blouse in peach 🍑 still my all time favourite 🌈 #sewing

Bodice for my disney princess inspired ball gown 💜 The bodice is made of 4 layers of fabric, the bottom two are plain cotton and cotton drill (to make it a bit more sturdy and corset-like) sewn together and enforced with plastic boning, the outer layer is formed from purple taffeta covered by organza with glittery snowflakes. The pattern around the bust looks a bit too messy, but the additional darts are covered with embroidery, so it's not that big of an issue 😅 #sewing

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