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Lissa Rwanda (@lissarwanda) Instagram Profile Photo

Lissa Rwanda

Took this by mistake, then I edited the lighting and thought, boy to my lips look good. #selflovefirst

🐲DRAGONFLY TOTEM🐲⠀ Pictured, but not seen is a dragonfly that landed on my foot while I was in half moon. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ 🐲Often representative of transformation and to invite lightness and joy into your life. A perfect reminder as I head into a week of rejuvenation and relaxation.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ 🐲Happy Saturday y'all!⠀ .⠀ first

Dr. Danielle, DC (@danielle_trinity) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Danielle, DC

Los Angeles, California

Cultivating confidence in my ability to be me in all my creative facets, free of the need to please you or her or him. . . I woke up today, for once “happy” to be Danielle. This past week of stability and groundedness has shown me that the constant adventures, constant travel have all been various forms of escapism. . . And so now, after a week of tears and writing and wound healing, I am here to say I’m ready to allow myself to be ME. To create: with no fear of success, no ESCAPE PLAN, because what’s meant to be will be and I will fall further in love with myself no matter the outcome. . . I am growing still! 💐

You Are Collective (@youarecollective) Instagram Profile Photo

You Are Collective

Foundry Kelowna

More than $300 raised so far for mental health services.... This is thanks to YOU! Our supporters, our movement makers, and our mental health advocates. 10% of each item you purchased has been donated to @foundrykelowna to help serve youth + their families in the community. We're so grateful for the journey so far, but we promise we're just getting started! Check out our latest blog recapping last quarter + letting you in on some juicy future details 🙌. Stigma free is the future! Have a read at or tap the link in our bio to read more @youarecollective. . . What are your weekend plans?? We're catching up on some work in the big beautiful sunshine 😎

Daily Life | Mind, Body & Soul (@dailylife.official) Instagram Profile Photo

Daily Life | Mind, Body & Soul

You can't control what someone might say to you, but you can control your own reaction and emotions. Find inner peace, and you will become unstoppable. 🙏

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