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Melissa Guy

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MedLife Romania

. Așa introducem subiectul de astăzi, ce seamănă uneori cu un hashtag, printat pe piele. Originile cicatricilor sunt diverse, de la accidente minore la operații. De ce? După ce fibrele de colagen din structura pielii au fost secționate, ele intră într-un proces de regenerare, prin care încearcă să reconstituie integritate pielii. La început acestea sunt roșii, după care se albesc. Vești bune: unele pot fi ameliorate prin diverse tehnici. #scars

I made a screenshot of s story because this hit me so hard. I have been struggling with self harm urges for about eight years now. I still struggle. I used to self harm in ways where it would not look like self harm. It was always impulsive and very much "in the heat of the moment". Then last year I scratched myself for the first time in a way that it would resemble a cut. I have been thinking about cutting for a long time but was able to resist for a long time. Until I wasn't. This year I "properly" cut for the first time - on two occasions. On the first occasion it created six small scars. On the second it created one larger one. Since them I've been able to resist. But I'm still struggling - and what the voice continues to tell me is that "I'm not a real cutter", I don't have enough scars for that, I'm faking it. Ultimately, it tells me that I need more scars. And my brain is looking for excuses to cut and create them. I've known about the psychology of self harm and the addiction it can cause long before I cut for the first time which is why I desperately tried to resist for so long. But that somehow just adds to the nagging feeling of "you're hurt faking it. It's not real. If you'd have a problem you'd have way more scars." I DO NOT NEED MORE SCARS. NOBODY NEEDS MORE SCARS. MY STRUGGLES ARE VALID. YOUR STRUGGLES ARE VALID. THE NUMBER OF SCARS DOES NOT MATTER. THERE'S NO PLACE FOR COMPARISON IN RECOVERY. Holy shit, this is scary to say out loud. To write down. To tell it to the world. But it's important. I do not need more scars. And I stand by that. No matter what that nasty voice keeps telling me. #scars

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Gottz x SCARS #scars

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Lindsey had a basal cell carcinoma removed from her head a few weeks ago. The first picture (left) on 15th August She had 12 sutures in her head, second pic is today 11 days later 😮 What did She do? Applied Age IQ Day and Night Cream consistently after suture removal - WOW!! No makeup either in the second picture other than mascara and lip gloss 😍 #scars 🌿

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Janwarie Foronda Ganal


Shameless bikini pic 👙 laying on the beach yesterday no fucks given. My friend was self conscious about her stretch marks so keep hiding them with her top MY WORDS to her no one gives a shit ! We all have flaws! in reality they aren’t flaws at all. There the things that make you you and you should never feel like you need to hide them. I have stretch marks , scars, cellulite , loose skin , some days my belly is bloated to the max! Do I care fuck no ! the truth is no one cares. Learn to love the skin your in and you will be a much happier person. Life’s to short to worry about your uneven boobs , saggy skin, cellulite, scars and what ever else bothers you. Look in the mirror and love what you see body confidence is the best outfit you will ever own, go rock it 💕💕 ps yes I do still mention my flaws some days then I tell myself who gives a shit NO ONE ! Go live your best life 🙅🏻‍♀️ #scars

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