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NOBUHIRO YAMADA / 山田 暢洋 (@nobu_halo) Instagram Profile Photo


Vuelta España 🇪🇸 (@ciclismo24ore) Instagram Profile Photo

Vuelta España 🇪🇸

Rieccoci finalmente con la seconda parte dell'intervista a @vincenzonibali , riuscita soprattutto grazie ad @alexcarera , che ringraziamo nuovamente. ❓6- L'anno prossimo punterai alle classiche o ai grandi giri? I programmi si fanno durante l’inverno, per ora non ho ancora pensato al 2020. ❓7- Secondo te c'è in gruppo un nuovo Nibali? Ogni corridore fa la sua epoca non mi piacciono paragoni. ❓8- Gregario migliore mai avuto? Sono stato fortunato perché ho avuto tanti bravi compagni di squadra come Pellizotti, Vanotti, Caruso e ora anche mio fratello Antonio. ❓9- preferiresti vincere il secondo Tour o il terzo Giro? Forse il secondo Tour. ❓10- Rio 2016 è il tuo più grande rimpianto? Ero vicino al traguardo, se ci ripenso provo un dispiacere grandissimo ❓11- Il tuo idolo da piccolo? Marco Pantani. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Here we are at last with the second part of the interview with @vincenzonibali ,successful above all thanks to @alexcarera , whom we thank again. ❓6- Will you go to the classics or the big tours next year? The programs are made during the winter, so far I haven't thought about 2020 yet. ❓7- Do you think there is a new Nibali in the group? I don't like any runner of his age. I don't like comparisons. ❓8- Best Gregario ever had? I was lucky because I had so many good teammates like Pellizotti, Vanotti, Caruso and now my brother Antonio. ❓9- would you prefer to win the second Tour or the third Tour? Perhaps the second tour. ❓10- Rio 2016 is your biggest regret? I was near the finish line, if I think about it I feel a great sorrow ❓11- Your idol as a child? Marco Pantani. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📸 @tornanti_cc ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #roadbike

Kateřina Válková (@katrinvalkova) Instagram Profile Photo

Kateřina Válková

Dresden-Altstadt, Sachsen, Germany

Velorace Dresden 🇩🇪 . As you might have seen I was racing at Škoda Velorace Dresden last Sunday. I was looking forward this race for so long because I did very well on this flat technical race in Dresden two years ago. The start was not bad, I was starting from the A block and the start was very fast. We did the first lap with an average of more than 40km/h. I settled in a good group and did the second lap with 38km/h average speed. And then it happened. The sound of people falling down, the wheels flying around, people on the ground yelling and sreaming...half od the group (about 20 people) went down. Fortunatelly I was not involved. But I was do scared aftewards I could not finish in a group so I rode alone, I got overheated and out of water and I even had to stop on a buffet in the last lap. Finishing 4th in my category would be disappointing for someone but I was happy to be in the finish and SAFE. PS. This photo is from two years ago. I miss my yellow helmet. 🥺 📸 @sportograf #roadbike

Oliver Torres (@olivertof) Instagram Profile Photo

Oliver Torres

Bellver, Cataluna, Spain

Vacation mode, activated⚙️ #roadbike

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