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Found it! This remains factory sealed as well. Choplifter on Cartridge for the original Atari 400/800 Computer. And to think this needed only 16kb of RAM!! Still a great game to play. Graphics were bland but playability was great & a good challenge. And to this this was made in 1983! I also love the packaging for this game too. magazine

That time when I appeared in Retro Gamer Magazine... of course I had to be sticking my tongue out when they took the photo! gamermagazine

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Grande Giove 🇮🇹🕶️👊

NOSTALGIA MODE ON 😭😭😭 RETRO GAMER ITALY NR. 2 - 2008. MY COLLECTION (2008) IN COLLECTORS BOX MAGAZINE SECTION. After 11 years, I'm still here. . . magazine

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Troca o Jogo

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