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🌴Ⓔⓛⓔⓝⓐ Ⓡⓔⓖⓞⓢⓐ🌴 (@elerego) Instagram Profile Photo

🌴Ⓔⓛⓔⓝⓐ Ⓡⓔⓖⓞⓢⓐ🌴

San Diego, California

Posted @withrepost • @renaturefoundation The is on fire 🌳🔥Meanwhile the Bolsonaro's government is blaming NGOs for the disaster. Let's focus on solutions rather than problems? Check out our solutions and let's through donations at our link in the bio with other NGO's like @rainforestalliance, @amazonwatch, @wff, @wwfbrasil , @socioambiental and if you know more please comment below 🌴🇧🇷👊🏽 . . #restoration

Do you know the rich history of Hopelands Hardens and Rye Patch? You may think so, it’s just one important piece of out history. Come visit and soak in the history. #restoration

Bench restoration project. #restoration

Brian Yang Hoffman (@exileoneatst) Instagram Profile Photo

Brian Yang Hoffman

Posted @withrepost • @saveveniceinc Restored by Save Venice in 2004, this Veneto-Byzantine arch over the sotoportego in Corte Seconda del Milion is one of the few remaining traces of the home of famed explorer Marco Polo (1254–1324). Although the Polo family home was destroyed by fire in 1597, the beautifully carved peacocks, griffins, flowers, and fruit have survived the test of time just like the tales of Marco Polo's travels, and you can still admire them today. #restoration

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Larios Collision

Larios Collision

Happy Thursday! • Check out this Chevy Caprice! We replaced the right quarter panel and door on this car! No more damage and looking smooth! 🧰🔧 • Larios Collision 423 Castleford St W Twin Falls, ID 208.734.6109 ALWAYS FREE ESTIMATES! 💥 • • • #Restoration

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Edgemead, Western Cape, South Africa

Throwback to the time when I decided to rebuild a classic minis gearbox. I hunted far and wide for literature and resources to assist. From the YouTube videos of Bill Sollis to photo copies obtained from books lost in history. From synchro springs that would shoot into orbit to pissing the neighbors off by jamming Led Zeppelin in the garage late at night as I worked a day job during the day to eventually completing the build, only to torque the final bolt on the 3rd motion shaft bearing retainer before it snapped clean off. With no engineering background at all it was a fair job...that is when I shifted strategy and met Dennis Nathan. Everything I love about cars can in some or other way be traced back to nights in that garage watering seeds of automation passion. In addition to huge lessons learnt and a sheer gutsy attitude of fortitude. . . . 🏁 #restoration

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Restored by me

This year we brought some Comos plants for the garden and they look great and are still flowering really well. We thought we could try to dry out some of the seeds to grow some more for next year. 🌸🌺🌸 The seeds seem pretty dry and we are storing them in brown paper? Do you think this will work! . . . . . #restoration

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