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Blue Dog Democrat (I-NY) (@independent_messenger) Instagram Profile Photo

Blue Dog Democrat (I-NY)

Where I might get behind one idea onto where we can compromise is on electricity. I know Bernie wants to nationalize electricity, but I would go a step further. Offer subsides to houses that go solar, and also offer electricity free of charge to every household that makes less than $100,000 a year. I would make electricity and gas free until private energy sources go 100% renewable energy. What do you think about this? 🔹🐶 Blue Dog Coalition 🐶🔹 @independent_messenger @bluedog_democrat @dixie_democrat @georgia.populist @john.maynard.retarded @johnson_populist @moderate.democratism @nj.indy @palmetto_state_bluedog @pax.americana.nationalist @political.moderate 📣Hashtags 📣 #republican

Libertarian Leftist (@progressive.liberty) Instagram Profile Photo

Libertarian Leftist

It doesn't take being an supporter of ANTIFA to understand how ridiculous of an idea it is to label a MOVEMENT, and in some sense, an ideology, not a centralized organization, as a terrorist organization. It simply gives the state more control and power, making it easier for them to take out those they find as enemies of the state by falsely equating them with a movement like ANTIFA. "Well, you look like you have similar views to them, so you are a domestic terrorist now. America is saved once again."

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the new kid™️

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