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Sümáń Đëkã (@suman_jamba) Instagram Profile Photo

Sümáń Đëkã

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Rakesh Bike Repairing

#repairing Click 👇

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Tired of those fine lines and age spots that's starting to creep up on you as the years come alongside dull, lacklustre skin with little to no light reflection unlike those models on the runway with highlights that go for miles? Now you can get naturally glowing, dewy skin with Skinlosophy's Multi Repair Serum. A concoction of Vitamin B3, extracts from Niacinamide (if you don't know what this does, please refer to our earlier posts but think reduction of clogged pores, pimples and early signs of aging), and highest quality of Chilean Snail Mucus (the only sustainable and animal friendly snail farm in the world that can extract their natural mucus). Filtrated snail mucus has been known to have premium anti-aging repairing properties with super hydrating powers but doesn't clog and create build up like other active ingredients. Incorporating this superfood into our Herban Myth Signature facial, it's bound to leave your skin soft, supple, lifted and glowing from the inside out. #repairing

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FRAME KACAMATA MINUS / REPAIRING ( By.Ansbrush Custom ) #repairing

Kenneth Lee (@kenneth_322c) Instagram Profile Photo

Kenneth Lee

Repaired plate from Song Dynasty, which was the same period to Japanese Zen master Eisan(荣西)setting his trip to China in Heian period(平安時代).

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Power Capture

Good Morning Landmark that you should not miss.... World Travel... #repairing

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انستیتو ملی تعمیرات بتن

Underwater cementitious grout is an anti wash out cement base repairing mortar for applications ‌ پایه سیمانی برای کار در با مقاومت بالا A high early setting for and/or #repairing the structures / sea conditions. There is 2 types of with following properties: RTAFLOW UW: Setting time: initial 20 minutes Compressive strength : 45 MPa _ 28days Tensile bond strength: 2.5 MPa Fresh wet density: 1.9 g/cm3 Bonding strength: 22 MPa Flow: 7 cm W/P: 35% by weight

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