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Priyali Sur

Reportagem especial num dos maiores campos de refugiados do mundo. #refugees

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IOM Indonesia

Untuk memperingati Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia, masyarakat di Kota mengundang para untuk berpartisipasi dalam beberapa kegiatan selama tanggal 15-18 Agustus lalu. Para berkontribusi dalam sesi mendongeng untuk kelompok belajar bagi anak-anak penyandang cacat (Semar Cakep) serta berpartisipasi dalam berbagai lomba dan kegiatan pentas antar-budaya bersama masyarakat sekitar. Dalam rangka memenuhi undangan dari Pemerintah Kota Semarang, IOM dan beberapa migran mengikuti upacara kemerdekaan di Balai Kota, dilanjutkan dengan percakapan singkat dengan Wali Kota Semarang, Bapak Hendrar Prihadi. . To celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day, neighbourhoods in invited #refugees to take part on series of activities from 15-18 August. contributed in storytelling sessions for the children in the Learning Group of Children with Disabilities (Semar Cakep) and participated with nearby communities in further celebrations and games throughout the night. Invited by the Local Government in Semarang, IOM and migrants later attended a formal ceremony at Town Hall, followed by a brief dialogue with the Mayor of Semarang, Mr. Hendrar Prihadi. Photo: IOM Semarang

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Partners Relief & Development

During their last trip to the GED Learning Center, team members from the Partners Education Department visited a small village of #refugees. These villagers had experienced the inhumane deluge of camp life and have, since then, moved into a village. To step outside the camp walls is a heroic feat. Despite the life/death challenges, these parents are fighting the odds because; they want a place of safety to rest tiny heads, they have a positive vision for the future of their vulnerable generation, and they are willing to push through dark spaces to get it. This small village demonstrates a fierce propensity for good, and the possibility that it CAN win. They are united. They believe that educating their youth is the greatest weapon against their enemy and that God is their refuge in times of trouble. It can not be stated enough - HOPE is most definitely alive! Today, and every month after, we can be sidekicks to these superheroes! Become a sidekick:

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This was yesterday. Those sent were tricked into travelling from Manus to POM . The Federal government continues to go to great lengths to obstruct those held offshore from being adequately supported. . So much energy, time and resources wasted to inflict needless suffering and damage innocent lives . . . . . Repost @manus.documentary #refugees

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Mishwar 🚍 مشوار


Ali 13 1. In the camp. Some beautifully coloured birds singing. 2. Behind Tel Abbas camp. My kind and handsome friend Mohamad and I always play football together. I went to the main street and saw him there and he asked me to take his picture from above.مشروع-تصوير-غرفة-الأبطال/ #refugees

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PLYable Design

helping to build Sleep Pods for the homeless and refugees, at We Out Here festival. @sleeppoduk @weoutherefest . #refugees

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