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ᑭαríѕ “Lɑɛlσ“ Tєrrєll (@redpillbosstalk) Instagram Profile Photo

ᑭαríѕ “Lɑɛlσ“ Tєrrєll

LIVE IN MINUTES!!! Your Friday night #redpill fix! Tunes! .com

Hong Kong

WATCH! They know The Communist Party of China (CPC) wants Totalitarianism!! Look up 2018 Amendments of The Constitution of the People's Republic of China. The 2004 Amendments restored some human rights but went south real fast as you can see! China wants full control and Hong Kong is their next target! _____________________________________ #redpill

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@justalice144 🤝🌎🔍👨‍🏫 - I’ve always been told my grandfather died of lung cancer an never smoked. Turns out his position in the army was to test the radiation of microwaves. An my dad had the nerve to tell me it was for the benefit an good of mankind🙄🤦‍♀️ Patent US6091994A DE10253433A1 #redpill

Retro Fitness - Clark, NJ

Been up since 5 in the morning, worked in Hoboken for an oral surgeon from 8-5 and now I'm back at the church of iron. What's your excuse? . What's your "Sexual Market Value" looking like fellas? . It should be high to the point that women turn their heads to check you out. Girls want what every other girl wants. Even if you're in a relationship, your girlfriend notices if other women are checking you out. It makes her feel like you're the prize and she has what OTHER WOMEN WANT. If not, than don't be surprised when she levels up to the next man.

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Chris IPM

No #redpill tonight . Heading to for event. Can’t wait to see and talk to the man him self and also the great David Stockman (expect David on the coming ). Boy did the metals make some noise tonight. and came in strong as doubts on and the surged with uncertainty and fear regarding , , and . But don’t be fooled. This is just an added bonus to the already real and far greater danger, why we stack in the first place, the . What is happening politically and economically right now is not the cause of our problem. It is symptom. The problem is bad !

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