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Bron - a book dragon 📚🐉 (@bronzillabooks) Instagram Profile Photo

Bron - a book dragon 📚🐉

Redoute's Book of Flowers published by Taschen joined my collection this week 😍 Pierre-Joseph Redoute has been hailed as the Rembrandt of flowers💐 🌼🌷🌻🌸🌺🌹🥀 This is an oversized coffee table book ❤️ ________________________________________________ #redoute

Asheville, North Carolina

Working on a Redouté half sleeve for Kaitlin ♥️ Here’s a sneak peek 🤓

Redoute Bonn (@redoutebonn) Instagram Profile Photo

Redoute Bonn

Cologne, Germany

„Danke für diese ganz neue super Bewertung. Das ist unsere Motivation und macht das Arbeiten so schön! DANKE!!“ ❤️👏😍 . . . . #redoute

Sigil Plugs (@sigilplugs) Instagram Profile Photo

Sigil Plugs

Redouté Flower Plugs. Porcelain plugs handmade in Britain 🇬🇧

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