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Sport 360 Curicó (@sport360curico) Instagram Profile Photo

Sport 360 Curicó

Vianis Ibarra Garcia 🇵🇦 (@_anisig) Instagram Profile Photo

Vianis Ibarra Garcia 🇵🇦

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B E L L A S E A swim

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Steven Lee

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Eileen Meyer Barbarach

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Ralphen Viane et al

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Sienna Melissa

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Ayla Atencio

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Jessica Azarelo

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A Gant 🎨❤

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Michele Kong

Fernanda 🇧🇷 (@azalin) Instagram Profile Photo

Fernanda 🇧🇷

Fernanda 🇧🇷 (@azalin) Instagram Profile Photo

Fernanda 🇧🇷

Alex Kauler / AK Nourishment (@aknourishment) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Kauler / AK Nourishment

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Rejuven8 Cryotherapy

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Shubham Sharma

Cena: 🔸Pastel de patata y espinacas 🔸Salchicha de tofu grande 🔸Rebanada de pan 🔸Albaricoque No voy a decir que haya sido fácil cenar sola un día más, puede que ya lo hayáis visto en las historias, pensé en no hacerlo, tenía una lucha interna, tuve ansiedad, quise saltármelo, recibí mensajes de gente maravillosa a la que no sé como darle las gracias ❤️pensé en cenar, volvió la voz, me odié, lloré , hablé con mi madre, le expliqué que yo quería cenar pero me sentía cada vez peor, hablamos, me tranquilicé un poco, leí todos esos mensajes de nuevo, y me decidí. Cene, no fue fácil, pero fue, en este caso, el fin justifica los medios, y la felicidad vale más que todas las lágrimas juntas. Porque todas las heridas escuecen antes de curarse, buenas noches 😘 #recovery

Abbi Brown (@abbisigns) Instagram Profile Photo

Abbi Brown

Tower Bridge

feeling so supremely grateful to have such a lovely bunch of frenns both in this balmy London town & online. It’s been a rough few weeks but I so so appreciate the support. Baby steps🦶 #recovery

Donna Newsom (@dnewsom_78) Instagram Profile Photo

Donna Newsom

As next Sunday approaches, I am overwhelmed with happiness. 😁 This week 3 years ago was unexpected, but very necessary. I think the craziest thing is how in my very darkest days, God knew the plan. God knew what it would take to break my chains of a 12 year pain pill addiction! When this picture came up in my Timehop today, it hit me hard! When I look at the 3 years ago picture I see a broken woman. I see a smile that wasn’t real, and I see very tired eyes! I almost didn’t post it because it’s hard to share! Oh how great it feels to be FREE! August 31st was a day that I’ll never forget. It was the beginning of something BIG. God had a BIGGER plan for me. I am now taking care of myself in ways that I never imagined! I care about ME and my health is important. The lesson to be learned here is that it’s never, EVER too late! Start now. Start where you stand. There’s always HOPE! I’m proof of that! #recovery

Time to get away from it all for a bit! #recovery

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.... turning what is broken into beautiful, cherished pieces, by sealing the cracks and crevices with lines of fine gold. Instead of hiding the flaws, Kintsugi artists highlight them, creating a whole new design and bringing unique beauty to the original piece. The pottery actually becomes more beautiful and valuable in the restoration process because, though it was once broken, it not only has history, but a new story. While most normal repairs of broken things hide themselves, like nicely sealed super glue fixes, the usual intent is simply to make something “as good as new.” Yet the art of Kintsugi reinforces a profound belief that the repair can make things not only as good as they were before, but “better than new.” It is ok to be in repair. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #recovery


Leeds win in Stoke. Stokes wins in Leeds. What a weekend 🏏📸⚽

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