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Shivani|Foodstylist,Pastrychef (@shivanid2) Instagram Profile Photo


This isn’t the prettiest lunch ever, but hey! It tasted great! Now that school is starting for me next week I won’t be able to post as I often as I do, I’ll try to post every other day and see how that goes! Today’s lunch: Omelette! -2 eggs -3 mini bell peppers -4 grape tomatoes -About a handful of arugula -1 slice of Swiss cheese #recipes recipes

Simply Kitchen (@skrecipes) Instagram Profile Photo

Simply Kitchen

Los Angeles, California

This combination of banana & white Twix in a porridge was something marvelous 🤤 and of course no oatmeal comes without nuts/nut butter (the more the better😈). I also couldn’t help but add a liitle bit of honey, just for the hell of it 🤪 #recipes

Tom Seeley (@twseeley) Instagram Profile Photo

Tom Seeley

See Tom. Tom eats alkalizing & anti-inflammatory food. Tom drinks Vegan, pea protein shakes. Tom recovers from injuries quickly, even at age 41. Tom feels better now than he did at age 25. Tom knows that good nutrition & clean-eating make a difference. See Tom. Be like Tom...for just 30 days. If you don’t get the results you’re looking for, get your money back. There’s still time to get in on our next clean-eating group. Join us. . h/t Katherine Debs . . #recipes

ThePurpleGypsy (@thepurplegypsy4) Instagram Profile Photo


Trying to perfect a Satay "Chicken" recipe using the Sunfed Chicken which tastes so awesome I could easily eat it on its own haha. But this time I added Lime juice and it gives an extra flavour hit with the peanutty, creamy sauce! #recipes

Hannah 'Pops' Barham-Brown (@hannahpopsy1) Instagram Profile Photo

Hannah 'Pops' Barham-Brown

A gorgeous sunny afternoon picking Blackberries, Damsons, Tomatoes and Apples in the Vicarage Garden. Not so many blackberries this year, so put what we had into a sponge with some apple. Tomorrow, more coring, peeling and dicing of the very many apples; anyone got some apple recipes other than cake and stewing?! #Recipes

Smith's Farm (@smithfarmsfresh) Instagram Profile Photo

Smith's Farm

Take a second look at some of our broccoli plants when they were first planted!

Holistic Lifestyle & Longevity (@sholisticshop) Instagram Profile Photo

Holistic Lifestyle & Longevity

Just using a simple blender, nonstick skillet and spatula you can make these amazing crepes. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup milk (whole, 2%) ¼ cup water 2 large eggs 2 tablespoons ghee (clarified butter) 1 tablespoon granulated sugar 1 cup all-purpose flour ¼ teaspoon salt additional melted butter, for brushing Mix them all and cook them in a skillet until the edges start to lift up. And then stuff them with whatever you want. Easy and delicious.

Shirl | Food Lover (@cook2cooks) Instagram Profile Photo

Shirl | Food Lover

Garlic Roasted Radishes . Local Farmer's Market pink, purple, red and white radishes roasted with less than 5 ingredients! . This makes a deliciously unique veggie side dish. Roasting radishes settles down their peppery flavor and brings out the natural sweetness! . Similar to roasted red potatoes but less starchy and ⬇lower⬇ in carbs!😊 . Roast until golden brown using butter or coconut oil. How about drizzling these beauties with Ranch Dressing? Oh, yes!!😜 . Find the recipe by tapping the link ☝ in my profile ☝ . . . .

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