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Natural Raw C

🌴Fresh is best and it's even better when it's half price Rawsters!🙌 Just $2.50 for one litre of your fave, all-natural straight up Raw C coconut water - at @woolworths_au right now!! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️get in quick while stocks last! ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #recipeoftheday

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Selamat Sore EATers, akhir pekan sambil nyantai terus cemilin Kue Putu ❤️ . - - - - - - - #recipeoftheday

COCONUT CHIA PUDDING INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup chia seeds 2 tbsp shredded unsweetened coconut 1 & 1/4 cup light coconut milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp maple syrup INSTRUCTIONS Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Let sit on the counter for 10 minutes, giving it a stir every 2-3 minutes. Cover and place in the fridge to firm up for 1-2 hours. Remove and enjoy. #recipeoftheday By @recipesofholly

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Kristiansand, Norway

🌮BØNNEQUESEDILLAS🌮 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Forrige gang jeg prøvde en vegetaroppskrift, prøvde jeg meg på en bakt søtpotet fra @emilienutrition. I går prøvde jeg meg på hennes bønnequesedillas, og det slo like bra an!!! 😍 Herligfreeed så godt det var, og jeg gleder meg til å spise denne gjentatte ganger 🤩 Titt innom @emilienutrition.for oppskrift!! Jeg serverte med hvitløkskesam, tomatsalsa, ruccula og hummus 🤗

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الكبة المقلية، من أشهر المقبلات ببلاد الشام واللي هي دائما موجودة على سفرتنا . شاهيناز ضافت عليها لمستها الخاصة وطلعت ولا أروع. 😍💛💚 مين بدو يجربها ؟ خبروني بالتعليقات حتى اشارككم المقادير والطريقة. @shahinaz_bilal oftheday (@letsplateup) Instagram Profile Photo

بولي بابي ميدل ايست

Tried this weekend Moong dal dahi Wada.. turned out to be so yumm and healthy. So for breakfast it was moong dal cheela. When I was grinding moong dal for cheela, MIL ( mother in law) advised to grind some of it little coarsely so that she can make some Wada. So it didn’t even required any extra effort. 1. Grind 1 cup soaked moong dal, 1 inch ginger and 1 chilli coarsely. 2. Add lil salt and cumin seeds 3. Put some water on ur hand, shape these Wadas flat on ur palm and drop in hot oil to fry. 4. After frying, add them in warm water. Let it soak for 30 min and then squeeze the water by pressing between ur palm. 4. Dip them in beaten curd and plate it. 5. Garnish with lil cumin powder, black salt, green chutney( optional), tamarind chutney and sprinkle some coriander leaves. incase tamarind chutney is not there, sweeten the yogurt with lil sugar and taste will be yumm. #recipeoftheday

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Gingrkitchen 👩🏻‍🦰

Marbella, Spain

Blueberry Pancakes they got syrup but more importantly they got rise 🙌🏼 Happy Sunday 👩🏽‍🦰😘

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Sapna Garg

Weekend at hills..yummy freshly made poha n chole bhature for breakfast.Its raining whole night n the weather is awesome.Kasauli you rock. #recipeoftheday @thefeedfeed @buzzfeedtasty @buzzfeedfood

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