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Charlie James

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Arash Fada’ee

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Escritora Marly Bisppo Ⓜ️

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Renegade Fit Lifestyle

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Nicky Fox 🦊

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Qun Tarot

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Sana Rose

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키즈모델/아역배우 류한디란

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Hayley 🍂🍁🍃

Finally got a TBR cart for my books. #reading

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Brittney & Krystal

This book was totally not what I expected and was the most pleasant surprise! “Waiting for Tom Hanks” was like reading a hallmark movie 🎥 🍿! As I read the book it was so easy to visualize & was kind of fun to think about who would play which character! The book is about 27 year old Annie Cassidy. Annie has a degree in film arts, and a deep passion for rom-coms, she’s even writing her own. While Annie is considered an orphan (both parents being dead) she truly has a wonderful group of friends and family that surround her. Annie has quite the expectations for finding love and throughout the book we get to see her dating ups and downs! Annie follows and breaks the rules and grows for the better! Absolutely loved this book! If you have recommendations for any reads like it I’d love them! “The Kiss Quotient” & “Meet Cute” are on my list :) ing

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Shannon Ridler

I think I'm going to jump in to the readathon this weekend. Here is an impromptu TBR! Some manga, graphic novels and art books. Yay! #reading

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Bo Trapnell

Orlando Downtown Library

I don’t always stand under arches made of books but when I do, this is my pose. #reading

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