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Care For Three (@careforthree) Instagram Profile Photo

Care For Three

Denver, Colorado

Practice kindness. It only takes a few seconds to alter someone’s world. Why not shine some light on it? Be the rainbow in someone’s storm. ☀️🌈❤️❤️❤️ . #raktivists

Thrilled to announce that I have been chosen as a by the @rakfoundation. Every month @rakfoundation.will send me out on kindness missions to demonstrate the power of kindness to change the world. I can’t wait to get started and to join this thriving community of s who are doing so much good.

The Good Cards (@thegooodcards) Instagram Profile Photo

The Good Cards

With a large number of people using social media around the world, imagine how it can be a powerful platform when we use it for good—from spreading the good news to raising awareness. We decide what role we want to play to create a better world! How do you use social media for good? Tell us in the comments!

BookPrescriber (@bookprescriber) Instagram Profile Photo


Ever wondered why Denmark is the happiest country on earth? 😀 The Little book of Lykke by Miek Wiking, talks about Scandivian secrets to living a happier life. ✌🔰📚 1️⃣ A sense of community and spending time with people rather than online is essential for happiness.- So quit social media and join that meetup you always wanted to, and spend more face time with friends and family. 2️⃣ Reject money, conspicuous consumption, comparing your wealth to others and invest in experiences and anticipating those experiences. 3️⃣ Walk, bike, stay active 💪and pay attention to your mental health 4️⃣ Take downtime seriously to avoid burnout. For parents, having grandparents around for the kids can give some free time. 5️⃣ Bring trust and empathy to the society through efforts like - Free library- Take a book, give a book. 6️⃣ Volunteer to get the helpers high. #raktivists .

Hunca Muncas Good Karma (@huncamere) Instagram Profile Photo

Hunca Muncas Good Karma

Wilmington, North Carolina

Happy Friday y’all! Starting the weekend off right - paid it “backwards” at @portcityjava ♥️ #raktivists dogoodfeelgood

Wiltshire Mighty Girls (@mightygirls_2016) Instagram Profile Photo

Wiltshire Mighty Girls

Self care tips from St Laurence Mighty Girls today #raktivists

The Good Cards (@thegooodcards) Instagram Profile Photo

The Good Cards

"We admire the work being done over at @rakfoundation. For the 2nd day of , we'd like to acknowledge all of the RAKtivists around the world. Huge shoutout to over 25k of you, making your mark in the kindness movement. #raktivists

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