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Aditya Kumar (@addyesque) Instagram Profile Photo

Aditya Kumar

Being Umbrella. Or Life's Goal. #rainyday


RainyDay🌺🌼🌸 #rainyday

Already the on a #rainyday 😭

Natalie Mitchell (@natalietobin712) Instagram Profile Photo

Natalie Mitchell

Wet day... Surviving tge holidays. By 10am I've already broken up multiple swabbles, wrestling matches or just shouting matches. So a little break every now and the we hit on calm. Diffusing wild orange & peppermint, my brain engaged... get out the arts and crafts.... But limit the amount, otherwise its stuck to everything. My youngest loves to paint, mainly with water granted, but this leaves the other pair to stick and glue bit, creating masterpieces. Only a week to go and all rabbits need to be pulled out of hats to survive before schools reopen.... Enjoy your time together #rainyday

空気をキレイにしてくれる雨⋆̩☂︎*̣̩ 雨音聞くと心細い気持ちになるけど、急くこともなく作業に集中できる気がする。 yday

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