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Okoye Stimson (@okoye_stimson) Instagram Profile Photo

Okoye Stimson

That’s an interesting way to hide in your hide haha #pythonsofinstagram

Eilidh Hall ॐ (@shinigamii) Instagram Profile Photo

Eilidh Hall ॐ

I had to literally slap him on the chops with the rat before he could work out where it was. He gets so excited at meal times it upsets his head tilt pretty badly, I've seen him bite himself in the process so it's best just to get in there as fast as possible so it's in his face before he gets excited that it's coming! sofinstagram

CeeCee The BP (@ceecee_bp) Instagram Profile Photo

CeeCee The BP

Num Num . . . . If you like CeeCee, FOLLOW and tell your friends!!! 🐍😄 #pythonsofinstagram

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