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I’ve been spending quite a bit of time refining my design process and I have a few pretty, planned upgrades for my site. . It’s important that your site isn’t just pretty but functional too. That means everything from the correct naming of pages to your SEO and image sizing and copy. It’s important to me that my clients understand how to use their site so I work in a way that they can change simple details if needed but also offer retainers where I do all the nitty gritty bits. If your website needs a bit of a spring clean then leave me your details and I’ll email you. #pursuepretty

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Field Day Ireland

Ireland (country)

The smell of a burning peat fire just gets me ready for Autumn like nothing else does! Our Fireside candle smells like a pleasantly cool Autumn day with the first peat fire smoking in the hearth. Perfect for masking cooking smells in your kitchen, Fireside has notes of tobacco, vetiver and amber. Fragrant and soft enough to burn all day, it will get you in the mood for shorter days and crunchy leaves underfoot.

Florals by 🇲 🇨🌿 (@floralsbymc) Instagram Profile Photo

Florals by 🇲 🇨🌿


Welcoming baby Charis with these blush beauties. Always dreamed to work with quicksand & pampass and I’m glad I got around to! Also, tis’ my first time seeing & using fresh pampass!! 😳 Anyone else likes this combination? 🙋🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #pursuepretty

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ꗥ Atelier Nanako_JAPAN KYOTO ꗥ

こんばんは😆 京都は相変わらずはっきりしないお天気☔️ 昨日ご紹介したたわわシリーズ、現在のラインナップはこんな感じ! 秋に向けてもう少し温かみのある色彩のを追加したいので、このサイズの大きなマロンカットでいい子が見つかったらお作りしたいと思っています💝 * #PursuePretty

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Karina R.

Cavallo - Lounge & more

Вы любите рисовать?👩🏻‍🎨 Относительно недавно я была на интересной рисовальной тусовке...это именно тусовка, с лайтовой атмосферой, хорошей музыкой и красивой художницей @nargiza_kaip , руководящей всем парадом красок 🌈 Если вы любите реализовывать себя на холсте, то вам однозначно нужно посетить это мероприятие. @v_mur встретит вас бокалом просекко и предложит вкусные закуски, чтобы искусство не отняло все силы 🤗🤩 #pursuepretty

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