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Posted @withrepost@newworldpatriots If she really couldn’t stand America then she would go to Hong Kong... where they are all holding American flags and singing our national anthem desperate to have the freedom that we do! 🇺🇸 #protectterrencekwilliams

#protectterrencekwilliams @terrencekwilliams

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PSA #protectTerrenceKWilliams

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Vivian Veteran

@terrencekwilliams is under attack after @realdonaldtrump retweeted one of his tweets. People are so disgusting and hateful, that's exactly why I stopped making videos. These fellow "conservatives" contacted my employers, called the police to file fake reports, posted the wrong address, posted old debts, made up a bunch of lies, and tried to constantly set me up. It just wasn't worth it anymore, the level some people will stoop to is ridiculous. Oh and they had my bestfriend swatted, I'm sure if they had my real address they would've dond the same to me. All of this because I chose to live MY life a way they didn't agree with 😂 it's my life, I'll do whatever tf I want to and Terrence has the right to lives his life the way he wants to too! #ProtectTerrenceKWilliams

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Anne Johnson

#protectterrencekwilliams I stand with you @terrencekwilliams

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