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Eduardo Gómez (@edugomezs01) Instagram Profile Photo

Eduardo Gómez

John Leon, BS, CSCS, USAW (@johnniekilos) Instagram Profile Photo

John Leon, BS, CSCS, USAW

TWINTECS (@twintecs) Instagram Profile Photo


افزونه ها به وردپرس ساده، ویژگی های حرفه ای اضافه می کنن. مثلا افزونه نوبت دهی آنلاین، افزونه فروشگاه آنلاین، افزونه ارسال خودکار پست ها به تلگرام و غیره. یک سری افزونه ها رایگان هستن یک سری پولی.نصب و کار کردن باهاشون نیاز به برنامه نویسی نداره. اکثر افزونه های پولی زیر صد هزار تومن هستن. از افزونه های مهم میشه به ووکامرس و یوست سئو اشاره کرده. #programming

Telefona sızma testi part 1 Hadi bakemmm 😉 #programming

Tim Holzäpfel (@timholzaepfel) Instagram Profile Photo

Tim Holzäpfel


Dan John‘s „Post Deployment Program“ W3/D1 (7/36) ✅ . In week three, all exercises will be performed with 3 sets of 8 reps. The load increases on each of the three training days a week. On day one (today) the weight is „really light“, „a bit more“ on day two and „challenging“ on day three. . A short insight into today's "Lower body Pull". Today I changed two things. First, I used my new Plyo Boxes. So I put the barbell with the plates off. Before, I always put the barbell in the rack. Second, I've focused more on my core tension during the lift. I'm still not 100% satisfied, but a good start. . 2 x 🎥: Racked Deadlift 8 Reps @ 70kg (3rd Set) . ming @coachdanjohn @patflynncos @tim_sonofander @chroniclesofstrength @c.stursberg @rennbo

A little introduction about myself and my short term goal for this account. More posts about the game coming soon! #programming

🅸🆃’🆂_🅲🅾🅳🅴_🆃🅸🅼🅴 (@its_code_time) Instagram Profile Photo


The_Golden_Age_Of_😍Steve Jobs😍 ....Inside_Apple's_Design...... Excited to read this amazing Book 📖📚 #programming #programming

Suni Guaman (@pspequilibrio) Instagram Profile Photo

Suni Guaman

Creer para Crear! ************************************************************************** “TODOS SOMOS GENIOS, PERO SI JUZGAS A UN PEZ POR SU HABILIDAD PARA TREPAR ÁRBOLES, VIVIRÁ TODA SU VIDA PENSANDO QUE ES UN INÚTIL” – Albert Einstein ************************************************************************** El efecto Pigmalión se conoce como la influencia que una persona puede ejercer sobre otra, basada en la imagen que esta tiene de ella. ************************************************************************** #programming

🅷🅰🆁🅻🅴🆈 (@suresh_sindam) Instagram Profile Photo


The_Golden_Age_Of_😍Steve Jobs😍 ....Inside_Apple's_Design...... Excited to read this amazing Book 📖📚 #programming #programming

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