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Egalitarian Patriot 🌹🇺🇸 (D-TX) (@texas.populistleft) Instagram Profile Photo

Egalitarian Patriot 🌹🇺🇸 (D-TX)

Stolen from @leftistmemesformarxistteens, who can relate? #prodowhateverthefuckyouwant

Bri Martinez (@i56838) Instagram Profile Photo

Bri Martinez

I will and always will do what I want to my body. Fuck your laws. #prodowhateverthefuckyouwant

Stephanie Cardenas (@stef_makeupninja) Instagram Profile Photo

Stephanie Cardenas

Just to Clarify this couldn’t had been said better! It also needs to add the part where Men should not have a say in deciding otherwise on a women’s choice especially if it’s in regards to her body! So thank you to all the Men who support and understand this isn’t your lane to decide for us 🙌🏾 #prodowhateverthefuckyouwant

Megan Swope (@meganswo) Instagram Profile Photo

Megan Swope

I don’t usually get involved with social media politics but what in the actual fuck— What a time to be alive. If people spent more time worrying about their OWN bodies they wouldn’t have time to worry about what anyone else is doing with theirs. #prodowhateverthefuckyouwant 🙌🏼💜👭👭

L a n t s 🎈 (@agjxcv) Instagram Profile Photo

L a n t s 🎈

I’m about to rant but please bear with me. Today parents are protesting outside schools in Birmingham because the schools wants to introduce LGBT+ into sex education. They won’t be teaching them about gay sex. Just that same sex couples exist and we should as human beings respect that choice. What is SO wrong about that? I’m bisexual. This is no secret. I am also exhausted. I went on twitter and the homophobes are out in full force and I can’t even muster up the energy to fight them today because with this and the abortion bans in America right now, I’m all out of fight. I don’t want to log on to social media and feel like I have to argue a case as to why you should treat me with decency and respect because I like women as much as I like men. Why do I have to fight for that? I also, as a person that can bear children, shouldn’t feel like I have to argue for why I should be allowed to have a SAFE and LEGAL abortion should I ever want one. Some states are even ruling it out should one be NEEDED. An 11 year female rape victim is being forced to carry a pregnancy full term despite the risks it poses to her health. She is a living, breathing and healthy CHILD and they’re about to turn her life upside down, as if she hasn’t already been through enough? So today, as a bisexual woman. I am absolutely exhausted. I am tired of fighting for what should just be my right because it is my body. It is my choice who I love or lay down with and it is my choice if I have a child or when I have a child, or not if I decide I simply don’t want to. I’m tired. #prodowhateverthefuckyouwant

Usually I keep ((hush hush)) when it comes to politics but I feel like this is getting out of hand. In no way, shape, or form should someone else be able to make a choice over someone else’s body. What if a rape victim gets pregnant, a child who had to endure sexual abuse becomes pregnant, a mother who if she bears a child will die d/t complications?? You want to make them live with that or die? And why is this one sided...politicians/whomever want to tell women what the can and can not do to our bodies; how about mandatory vasectomies? Want to get circumcised; sorry can’t. So infuriating. And I’m not even going to get started over the birth control stipulations the government wants to put in place 🤬 I worry for my girls. #prodowhateverthefuckyouwant

Nelly⚡️Bean (@cali.khaleesi) Instagram Profile Photo



Nevertheless she Persisted 💚 #prodowhateverthefuckyouwant @ickasalinas

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