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Sorry, it’s short and bad! But I could barely find any clips, so send me some! • • • Seán and Mark are YouTubers that met and Seán immediately fell in love, but Mark wasn’t so sure how he felt. Seán kept chasing and chasing him. It felt like he was going on a Carousel. Will Seán catch up to love? He could never tell. He knows chasing after Mark is like fairytale. But he feels like he’s glued on tight to the carousel. • • • • Tags: #positivityforMarkiplier

(Repost cause I messed up the lyrics) {S w i p e —>} “I used to be the type of kid who always thought the sky was falling, now I think the fact that I’m differently wired’s awesome.” -Eminem. Be prepared for Eminem spam cause I started listening to him again ;) • • • • Tags: #positivityforMarkiplier

Look! An edit has been spotted! Do you: Like and Comment or just Like? You decide! Comment down below what you think! Dt: Anyone Who needs it💚 Other information: If you want the one without my watermark, DM me. Same thing with all my other edits, and, credit me if you take it. Or else you WILL be blocked. Have a nice day/night! • • • • Tags: #positivityforMarkiplier

“We all have demons inside of us. But we’re all afraid to let them out. But what we all forget, is that sometimes...they win.” Sorry! This edit is bad but hope you enjoyed anyway! Couldn’t put the watermark, please, don’t steal! • • • • Tags: #positivityforMarkiplier

Some more edits: Song: Dollhouse Artist: Melanie Martinez Lyrics: “Everyone thinks that we’re perfect, please don’t let them look through the curtains. P.S.: I DID start using a new hashtag #positivityforMarkiplier feel free to use • • • • Tags: #positivityforMarkiplier

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