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Antonella Gutierrez

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JAMES EXTRACT (James Martin)

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Nicholas Fox Robbins

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Project Blowed•LA

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Abstract Rude

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teresa jo.

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Source Climbing Center

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Augustina Elizabeth

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Johnny Wheels

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Tracey Hicks

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Carlos Tipiani III

Portland, Oregon

I was walking to my car 🚗 and I passed this convertible BMW with top down and the keys in the ignition 🔑 The car was running and the stereo system 🎼 was bumping. I almost took that bitch 🙈🙉🙊 ..... #portland

Cobbosseecontee Lake

Thanks Maine. ✌🏼 Came for dads funeral and stayed for two weeks. Hung out on the boat with dad’s sister, Aunt Lisa-Marie (pictured here). She’s been a constant in my life. Spent a ton of time with my mom for the first time in almost a decade, Landmark helped with that. Miracles are possible. (dandelions keep coming back if you don’t get it at the root). Got a call from the fella in junior high who was my first boyhood crush (we haven’t spoken in 20 years), walked my favorite beaches, did a ton of work with team Imiloa, fell in love with Portland and smiled pretty big all the way through. Biggest lesson: if I have relationships to clean up and I’m not completing on them, I’m in the “change” business and not the “transformation” business. To change something, you’ve got to add to it or take away from it. But it pretty much stays the same. To transform something, it happens — in an — instant — and usually is preceded by discovering something new. You’ve got to discover something new about yourself, someone or something in order to transform. It happened with my mom and my life feels fuller and more bountiful as a result. #portland

Bagni Lavinia


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Daniel V Zagumennyy

It's a cool pick! I will have to share it... #portland

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