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Say it ain’t so !! Now I’m going to have to include an entertainment segment but this type of stuff is also of public interest. What’s up? We doing social justice or business moves? #politics

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•Nyonoksa, Russia• A mysterious explosion at an offshore Russian military site involving a nuclear power source for a missile is fueling international speculation as few details are available about what caused the blast and what its effects are. Officials with Russia's nuclear energy company Rosatom said five of its scientists were killed in an explosion Thursday during a test of "a nuclear isotope power source" for a rocket. The accident occurred on a platform in the White Sea off Nyonoksa and caused a reported radiation spike in nearby Severodvinsk. An evacuation early Wednesday was ordered for the small town of Nyonoksa on the White Sea because of activities at the test site where the explosion occurred, Interfax news agency reported. However, hours later, Russian officials backtracked on the order. Ksenia Yudina, a spokeswoman for the Severodvinsk regional administration, said planned military activities at the site were canceled and the town's 500 residents did not have to leave. Nyonoksa is about 30 miles from Severodvinsk, a city of 183,000, where the radiation spike was reported. Residents in Severodvinsk also received evacuation orders that were later canceled Tuesday. At least five people were killed and others were injured in the blast, but an official death toll has not been confirmed as Russian officials have issued conflicting statements. Severodvinsk experienced a radiation increase four to 16 times above normal background levels, Russian weather service Rosgidromet said, according to news agency TASS. TASS reported that the city's civil defense department head Valentin Magomedov said immediately after the blast that Severodvinsk saw radiation levels at 2 microsieverts per hour, which is about three times above normal levels. Safe exposure is 0.6 microsieverts per hour, and a normal X-ray of someone's digestive tract would be 3.3 millisieverts per examination, TASS reported. Local officials in Severodvinsk said radiation levels normalized shortly after the blast occurred, and Russian officials were assuring residents that the region was safe. #politics

Phoenix, Arizona

A guy at work pulled a "BBQ Becky." He thought I stole something. A car charger. A $10 thing. He calls our boss. Our boss's boss. His boss. Human Resources. Who, in turn call me. It wasn't, the thing itself. It was that I used "his" vehicle. It's the company vehicle but, he has everything where he wants it. He allows one other person, a younger kid. They, could be twins. I would be, the mailman's baby.
I said that to my boss's, boss. I've only known him a short time. I'm friendly. It doesn't pay my bills to be a doormat. I kind of liked this job. The lumberyard. The smell of wood and sweat. Long days, so long I lost 15 pounds in three weeks. You can feel the division, it seethes around the office coiling and uncoiling. Today. It was, me. In between, the accuser's yelling about how I ruined his day and his truck and his life. I dug in my backpack and offered my own charger. It may have, looked weak but I didn't feel like looking for another job today. He took it, although he couldn't let it go.
I had no reason to steal another person's things. Although, it also doesn't seem reasonable that one man gets so much space for his precious things. It must, be territorial. I need all this, you can have one drawer in this cabinet. So. When he finally found his charger. He wanted me to call him? As long as I work here, I'll never say another thing to him. Race. Ethics. Responsibility. Communication. These are all things, minorities learn. We don't get second chances and once we offend we are forever labeled as offender. How can I, show him how that feels by an apology that I must call to receive? He can keep my charger. It's only a $10 thing.

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Nearly a year after Sen. Elizabeth Warren commissioned a DNA test to “prove” her Native American ancestry, she asked tribal leaders for forgiveness. And it worked. Link in bio. 📸 Sean Rayford/Getty Images

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