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Doctor Lovey

Research Absorbing Qi from trees 🌳

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First successful private listening party under our belts..such a pleasure to trip back in time with some of the older residents of Margate Performance research of Music Hall for our @margatefestival commission is already proving to be deep and emotional, lots of smiles and laughter too #performanceresearch Thanks so much @alex_ratcliffe77 and mama Jenny for connecting us to this delightful group full of wisdom and stories

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Swati Mohan

2nd performance of The Dance of mirror neurons at HR Tech 2017, an international HR conference where I was invited as a speaker. It was absolutely lovely to share it among corporate setting. Everyone was surprised with arts finding a space in hardcore economy minded place. It did leave people thinking for sure and left us feeling well utilised. I spoke on innovation. Click here for the whole video: . . . . . . . . Photography: Sangeeta Banerjee . . #performanceresearch

Nadia Khayrallah (@nadiainherownworld) Instagram Profile Photo

Nadia Khayrallah

Crane Arts

Coming to @yallapunk/ @cranearts Philadelphia on September 1, some new shenanigans by me + @leila.mire ———————————————————————— “Arab-Fucking-Esque: Not Your Sexy Harem Girls” grapples with orientalist fantasies of Middle Eastern women from ballet to pop culture. We’ve been exploring our tension with the exoticized roles we’re made to play (and sometimes buy into), and the ways we police each other’s expression as we struggle to define our own. ———————————————————————— Fun facts: the Nutcracker Arabian Dance melody was taken from a Georgian lullaby for sick children. Also, Leila learned the “Slave 4 U” choreo from a Dallas Cowgirls tutorial. #performanceResearch ————————————————————————- Check out for festival info and tickets! ?

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kristel van Issum

Just finished the first series of sessions with the public, research studios, the initial phase in the 'Cicles of Women Holding Hands' project during Festival Boulevard. Incredibly inspiring and intense! Thanks to all the women that participated and shared their stories! Thank you Festival Foulevard and Dans Brabant for making this possible. Contributing to another input in my work, to bring different views, to involve audience, exchange and be more transparant. To really connect and for 90 minutes having an incredible sense of togetherness. #performanceresearch

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